The clock is counting down to midnight... Can Sky save the witches of Ireland before it's too late?

Averting disaster is Skye Williams's sole job description.
As the last Crescent Witch, it's her calling to protect Ireland from the greatest threat its shores have ever faced. The ancient witch Carman.
Skye never asked to be the judge, jury and protector of magic, but that's exactly what she's forced to do...but dishing out punishment isn't Skye's only problem.
Boone's memories are still locked, her magic is going haywire, and her dreams are full of nonsense. They're a hot, clueless, mess. The only thing that is certain, is if Carman reaches the ancient hawthorn and opens the door to the fae realm, it's game over. For everyone.
Extinction is on their doorstep and only the Crescent Legacy can save them from what lies beyond.

One reluctant witch. One hot Irishman. One epic battle to save magic from extinction.
The final battle is NOW.

Crescent Legacy is the third and FINAL book in The Crescent Witch Chronicles, a series stuffed full of Irish charm, myth and mayhem.

Release date: February 20, 2018

Print pages: 234

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