When the black sun rises...nothing is as it seems.

The one place Elspeth Odhweine thought she'd find herself, another world wasn't it.
As an honoured guest of the Fae court, she finds herself in the middle of a deadly game of political tug of war. She alone holds the fate of an entire race of magical people in her hands and she will either unite them, or send them to their deaths.
When they receive a lead on their illusive enemy, the Chimera, Elspeth and her friends embark on a treacherous journey to the top of the world in search for answers. She knows she must unravel the truth of her mother's heritage before all she's fought for turns to dust. Trekking across a glacier seems a small thing to do to find the answers she needs to stop the prophecy coming true.
But in the ice and snow lies a truth more deadly than they ever thought possible.
For in the heart of the mountain, death awaits the hand of fate.

Arcane Revenant is the FINAL book of The Darkland Druids, a mystical Urban Fantasy series set in the spellbinding world of the Fae.
A powerful woman, who is the embodiment of death, travels to another world in order to save it...from herself. Can she stop a devastating war from sweeping across a magical land? Find out in this gripping fantasy saga!

Release date: October 2, 2020

Print pages: 256

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