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We asked some of our favorite bestselling romance authors to give us their Valentine's Day recommendations. Which will you be giving, or bingeing on, this February 14th?


Favorite Love Story

A.L. Jackson recommends The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon:

"The Law of Moses is hands-down my favorite book. I have never been quite as affected as I was by this love story. It marked me and I carry it with me always."  

Favorite for Valentine's Day Gift

Meghan Quinn chooses A Lot Like Adios by Alexis Daria. She says, "Second chance romance with a childhood best friend ... is my cup of tea!"

Favorite Friends-to-Lovers Romance

Laurelin Paige says: "In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennans is one of my all-time favorite romances. Talk about slow burn! It's the ultimate friends-to-lovers. A quie…


Much has been said about the power of a book's opening line. BingeBooks allows you to peek at more than just the opening line - we specialize in offering the ability to "binge" on opening chapters until you find a style and story that appeals to you. 

Here are some opening lines from books that have taken over TikTok. See which appeal to you and click on the ebook icons to read a longer excerpt.




My name is Jen Webster, and I am a team member, site curator and pinner extraordinaire for BingeBooks. I also pen the blog The Immersive Bookshelf. My blog’s chief focus is on reviewing my immersive reading experiences.

What is an immersive reading experience you say? Well, let me tell you, it is an experience worth trying. Immersive reading is listening to an audiobook while following along with the book. Whether it be a paperback, hardback, or a digital copy on your e-reader, the results are the same. Pairing a fantastic book with a phenomenal narrator and you have a reading experience that is spectacular!

If you love a book or series, and you get lucky enough to get a great narrator that can truly bring the story to life, you will experience it in a way you never expected to …


Books bring joy through the year, but there's something about a pile of books around the tree that touches every booklover's heart.

They are perfect gifts for almost everyone in your life. So, with a little help from some of our author and reader friends, we've rounded up some great recommendations for this holiday season (and maybe there might be room for one or two titles as a gift for you).


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Jeff Wheeler, fantasy author is giving Small Magic by Terry Brooks: "Terry is a master storyteller and the man who inspired me to write fantasy. This collection of his short stories is for those who are his biggest fans (me included) as well as anyone who hasn’t read him before. The variety and depth to each make it the perfect holiday gift."

Melissa F Miller



Ahead of our author chat on Tuesday December 14 we asked our cozy mystery authors Sara Rosett and Tonya Kappes to answer a few questions …


BingeBooks: How did you start writing?

Sara: I'd always dreamed of writing a mystery and when I had my second child, I thought "my life is only going to get busier," so I started writing during nap time a couple of days a week. I researched the publishing industry while I was writing the draft and went to writers conferences.

After about three years of writing and revising I had a novel. I queried agents the old-fashioned way, with a letter, and found an agent. She sold the manuscript in a 3-book deal. The book came out six years after I first started writing.

Tonya: I was a child therapist that belonged to a book club. It was my turn to host th…


As part of our monthly BingeBooks Book Club, we dove into a chat about Horror with two bestselling authors - and had so much fun!

I hosted and we jumped right into the conversation, where they discussed topics like:

- Their most recent book releases

- When in a book they introduce the suspense

- Different types of horror and suspense books

- How dread and suspense work together in a book

- Their favorite horror books

They also answered questions from the live reader audience. You can watch their video by clicking below - or continue reading to see the full transcript.

If you want to join in on our next book club, visit our Book Club page - we'd love to see you there! 



Alessandra: All right. We are alive. I am so excited to be here with the BingeBooks Book C…


Let’s face it. With the whirlwind of demands made on our time, it’s often easier to sit down in front of a screen to watch a show than it is to read the novel it’s based on.

But the old adage remains true: The book is often better than the movie.

So whether you want to go deep into a character’s backstory or just want to explore the subplots that never made it onto the small screen, the book is where you’ll find the whole story.

Clarice (on CBS) and Firefly Lane (on Netflix) are two of the book-to-TV adaptations that recently debuted this year. Plenty of others are coming up fast. So we’ll leave it to you whether you’d like to start with the book or pick it up once the series gets you hooked.

Here's a look at 10 novels being turned into series for broadcast, cable and streaming servic…