Why join BingeBooks as a narrator

A few of the narrators on BingeBooks.

A few of the narrators on BingeBooks.

Thanks for checking out BingeBooks! We’re a team of authors and book lovers who are building a friendly, inviting place to discover great reads and where readers, writers and narrators can interact.

BingeBooks gives you a professional all-in-one page where readers can listen to your work, leave you reviews, communicate with you, follow your page, discover your brand and browse your available audiobooks.

We launched in late 2020 with 120 of the world's top indie authors on board as well as authors and titles from the major publishing houses. So far, we've topped 240,000 fiction titles and 50,000 authors, and we're just getting started. 

Think of us as a mix of Goodreads, BookBub, Facebook, Audible and other places where authors, readers and books intersect online.  

Here are some of the benefits of registering on our site:

  • We import all your audiobooks, automagically. In under a day. For free. 
  • We set up your narrator profile page, including assigning each audiobook to its proper genre heading. (Note: We do earn revenue when an audiobook is sold. So does the author and, depending on your contract, so does the narrator).  
  • You control the content of your bio, profile photo and background cover image.
  • You can pitch your audiobooks to be included in our genre newsletters.
  • Unlike sites like Amazon, you can interact with new, existing, and future fans on BingeBooks.
  • You can collaborate with authors or fellow narrators to host book clubs or reader groups.
  • You can create visually appealing book lists (including audiobooks) that can be shared with readers.
  • You'll notice the basic info, audio sample, and buy buttons are integrated into each book page for a better overall reader experience.
  • We're not a discount site — many of these titles are bargains at full price.

Sound good? Please join us! 

In case you see some of your titles already on the site, we have brought in audiobooks from more than 13,000 narrators through our partnership with Findaway Voices.

How to become a narrator on BingeBooks

Just fill out this one-minute form — that's it!:



Answers to your questions

If our titles that we're making royalties on are purchased on BingeBooks, will we still get paid?

Yes! When any audiobook is sold on BingeBooks, narrators profit just the same way as if it were sold on Amazon, Audible or iTunes. BingeBooks.com sales are done through Findaway, which handles the narrator/author/publisher payments for us per the standard royalty rates that the narrator originally agreed to with those retailers/distributors. We help to increase your income, not reduce it in any way.

Are there any implied or direct claims to our voices on the basis of collecting data to be used as artificial intelligence (AI) for voice copying or imitating?

No. Our A.I. reviews text only, and our belief with both text and audio is that A.I. should never be used to replace creatives such as authors or narrators.

Have other questions? Reach out to [email protected].


~ Alessandra, JD, Jo and the entire BingeBooks team