Talk Guidelines

BingeBooks is a gathering place where book lovers and authors connect. We want everyone here to feel welcome and respected, so please follow these guidelines when you’re on our site.

Be kind

Stay calm and don’t make personal attacks. We’re happy when members to share information and tips with each other, and even happier when folks say please and thank you.

Be respectful

When you’re chatting with readers or authors, remember that everyone here is a person with all the pressures that modern life brings. Not everyone will want to share their time and ideas. Be grateful if they do, and be gracious and understanding when they can't.

don't believe everything you think

Be open to others’ views

We encourage discussions and we know people don’t always agree. But please think twice about posting a tirade when you disagree with someone. Let's try to get back to civil discourse and comity. 

Be polite

Constructive criticism and feedback are how we learn and develop. That’s never an excuse for bullying, trolling or posting comments about race, religion, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender, identity or other personal traits. There’s also rarely a good reason for prolonged bouts of obscenity. We have the right to remove such comments at any time.

Be trustworthy

This is a site for everyone who loves books. Being able to strike up a conversation with certain authors is part of the community townsquare we're building. So when authors share their work -- say, book titles, cover artwork or plot points -- please don’t betray their trust or confidence. The same goes for readers -- you own your own words. So don't share or republish information unless it's clear it can be shared publicly.

Be conscientious

As a courtesy to others, please make sure your posts are easy to read (check your spelling and grammar) and relevant. You’re more likely to get a response that way. 

Don’t be spammy

BingeBooks is a reader hub, author platform and the place to discover your next great read. You can list your business and urls on your profile page, but we don't allow you to promote your business or services on our site.