House Rules for Authors

Welcome to BingeBooks! We’re so glad to have you here, and we hope you’ll make the most of the opportunities to interact with book lovers and potential fans.

Your author page and book pages are free and provide fantastic opportunities for you to showcase your books. Please follow the following guidelines, which all authors must follow.

Your author page

  • house rulesMake your author page as personal to you as you’d like. You can post photos of yourself, your books, family and writing, and an occasional promotional photo. Choose a background cover image (the 1920 x 340 pixel strong horizontal photo) that’s evocative of your books or brand — and please remember that we’re a family-friendly site. Generally, a single strong photo works better than a collage of your book covers up there. Use one of the premade genre images if you'd like. 
  • Your author page is the place where you can encourage fans to follow you on social media, sign up for your newsletter and even support you on Patreon. 
  • You can sell books or book-related merchandise directly from your author page — just add a simple text link under “Additional Links” to send readers to your own sales site. 
  • Please don’t approach users directly to sell your books or products in any other way on BingeBooks.
  • Do post articles and videos about anything related to books, publishing and your writing life. (Coming soon: your Instagram photos, too.) Readers love interviews and hearing about your influences and what you enjoy reading. Book trailer videos are fine if you must. Please don’t post other things; for instance, posts about side businesses or spammy services are prohibited. 

Your book pages

  • BingeBooks is currently for English language fiction only. Please don’t try to add books from nonfiction genres or books in other languages.
  • Chances are BingeBooks has been able to import your Amazon book titles. If you're “wide” and sell books on other retailer sites, please add those urls to the fields on the Sales Info tab of each of your book pages. (Questions? Contact [email protected].)
  • Please keep it relatively clean. We allow racy, saucy and even steamy fiction but not material that veers into erotica. We also ask that you keep your language clean and respectful when interacting with other users.
  • If your book contains material that could be offensive to some readers, make sure you add a warning label on each pertinent book page. You’ll find a useful “Content Warning” field when you create a book page, where you can add a flag to tell readers that this book contains adult language, violence or sexual situations.
  • To help your book get discovered by likely fans, please add genres and subgenres for your book when you optimize your book pages. There’s a limit of seven genres and subgenres per book.
  • Describe your book appealingly, in natural language. Keyword stuffing isn’t allowed and won’t benefit your books’ exposure.

Your presence on BingeBooks

  • We encourage you to get involved across BingeBooks! Join and create reading groups. Leave book recommendations. Create colorful book lists. Post articles about your writing. Reply to reader comments on your author or book pages. 
  • Please be honest in all your dealings. In particular, authors are not permitted to create a secondary user account to post flattering comments on their author or book pages.
  • Always be respectful and cordial when interacting with users on the site, even if they are critical of your writing.
  • Please don’t spam reading groups or other comments areas. Your author page is the place to promote your books.

Thank you for being a part of our book discovery community!