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Now it’s even easier to find your next great read. The BingeBooks app lets you read and listen to opening excerpts from tens of thousands of books. So you can discover new fiction books, genres and authors that you’ll fall in love with, on the go.

On the beach? 
Pick your next sunshine read from hand-curated selections of vacation reads and current themes.
Choose from the latest releases, trending deals and hottest reads around.
In the backyard? 
Find your next great read without leaving your chair.
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Our bingeable samples allow you to immediately jump into the first chapter of a book and see if its plot and writing style interests you.

Not a good fit? Jump out and into another sample easily, with just the tap of your finger.

BingeBooks is not just an app for casual browsing and reading. Every book has links so you can find out where to buy it. You can bookmark any book so that it shows up in your private My Reads area. And you can leave feedback and join conversations about a recent read.


Why you’ll love the BingeBooks app

  • A beautiful interface that puts hand-curated top reads front and center
  • Carousels of hot new releases, trending deals, best-sellers by genre and more
  • Start reading and listening immediately with tens of thousands of text and audio samples
  • Track your reading and save favorite books in your personal My Reads bookshelves
  • Listen to excerpts from the latest audiobooks in your favorite genres
  • Search or browse your favorite subgenres
  • Resize text on your mobile device with a tap
  • Easily like, rate, recommend or share any book with fellow readers.


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