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We're a group of authors and readers who gather online each month to discuss a bestselling book in a free interactive video chat with the author. It's a great way to discover new authors, or get to know favorite authors better.

Below you'll find links to our forthcoming chats - and you can watch all our past author chats with a video of each event.

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Next events:

August Read: Royally Not Ready by Meghan Quinn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Live Author Chat, Sept 6, 2022

"The man had the sultriest British accent I've ever heard. And he looked like he just walked off a Viking boat and into a suit tailored specifically for his impressively muscular frame. Only problem is, he had the warmth of an ice pick and he kept telling me he was here to take me back to his home country."

Bring your questions for contemporary romance author Meghan Quinn as she discusses her latest royal romantic comedy (out August 9th). More info here

September Reads: Historical Mysteries

Genre: Historical Mystery

Live Author Chat, Historical Mystery Day - September 29, 2022

Join two leading historical mystery authors - Lee Strauss and Sara Rosett - as we celebrate their favorite genre of fiction.  More details follow.

Find out more about Historical Mystery Day 

Our most recent author chat:


“America’s most popular suspense novelist” (according to Rolling Stone) Dean Koontz discussed his new dystopian thriller, The Big Dark Sky. 


Romance author Lucy Score on her bestseller, Things We Never Got Over

Lucy answered reader questions, including some sneak reveals on her next books!

Thriller author R. B. Schow on The Tears of Odessa 
Acclaimed post-apoc turned thriller author R. B. Schow discusses The Tears of Odessa, the first in his new series of vigilante thrillers. 

E L James on Fifty Shades of Grey
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James joined Alessandra Torre for BingeBooks Book Club.

Fantasy author Charlie N. Holmberg
Charlie talked about writing fantasy, her books Star Mother and Star Father and her writing journey.

Sci-Fi author Kyla Stone

Kyla discussed The Light We Lost, the first in her post-apocalyptic series that launched in January 2022, and answered reader questions about her writing, Michigan settings and characters (and how much they are based on her!)

Romance Authors Chat

For our first Book Club Author event for 2022, bestselling romance authors Angel Lawson and Jeanne St. James talked all things romance - from steam levels to bathroom scenes - with Alessandra Torre, bestselling romance and suspense author.

Cozy Christmas Chat

For our December 2021 Book Club Author of the Month event,  bestselling cozy mystery authors Sara Rosett and Tonya Kappes joined us for some Christmassy fun!

Thriller author Andy Maslen

Genres: Crime Fiction, Police Procedural

For our November 2021 Book Club Author of the Month event, thriller and police procedural author Andy Maslen chatted about Shallow Ground, the first in his Detective Ford novels, set close to Andy's home in rural England.

Reader Lois Breedlove shared her thoughts on the chat and the book in this post.


Halloween Horror with Steff Holmes and Sarah A. Denzil

Genres: Paranormal romance and psychological thriller

Sarah and Steff discussed the horror movies and books they love, why they write scary stories and what else they love to read.

You'll find Alessandra Torre's write-up on the chat here, a list of the books mentioned in the chat here and more on writing scary stuff from Steff, Sarah and horror author Darcy Coates here.


Jeff Wheeler

Genre: Fantasy

In our conversation with our September 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed Jeff's bestseller Lady's Ransom: In kingdoms at war, alliances are made to be broken in this thrilling novel of magic and dark conspiracies.



Judith Lucci

Genre: Thrillers, Mystery

In our conversation with our August 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed Judith's bestseller The Case of Dr. Dude: A young woman goes to the dentist – and isn’t seen again.

[Sadly, we had technical issues with this session and can't share the video]

Julianne MacLean

Genres: Women's Fiction, General Fiction

In our conversation with our June 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed her bestselling women's fiction novel These Tangled Vines, set in the wine country of Tuscany, Italy.


Orlando Sanchez

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

In our conversation with our May 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed his bestseller Tombyards and Butterflies, a supernatural mystery packed with vivid world building and witty dialogue.


Cheryl Bradshaw

Genres: Mystery, Thrillers

In our conversation with our April 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed Little Girl Lost, the first book in her new mystery series, and had a lively Q&A with her readers.

Cheryl shared her thoughts on the live chat afterwards - read them here.


Wayne Stinnett

Genres: Action-Adventure Fiction, Mystery

In our conversation with our March 2021 Book Club Author of the Month, we discussed the Florida Keys, boats, guns and his bestselling book Rising Moon.  

Read Wayne's report and a transcript of the chat here


Brittainy Cherry

Genre: Romance

For our inaugural Book Club chat in February 2021, we discussed her bestselling title The Air He Breathes and her writing life.