About BingeBooks

Welcome! BingeBooks is an online community — created by authors and book lovers — to foster book discovery. Our goal is to help you discover new books, genres and authors that you’ll fall in love with.

We put the opening chapters of books right into your hands so you can decide which books and authors suit your tastes. So start bingeing now!

Why now?

Memorable, impactful stories in any form — digital, print, audio — have never been so relevant and needed in our lives. But it seems harder than ever to discover new voices and great reads.

we love books

So we’re building BingeBooks as a book discovery site that cuts through all the noise. Think of it as a better way to uncover your next great read — using tips from authors you admire and from readers whose judgment you trust.

More than a one-night binge

We hope you'll return to BingeBooks over and over, not only to see the latest hot titles and new deals but to:

  • Interact with authors and readers by leaving comments, reviewing books, or joining our regular live author chats.
  • Organize your digital book life so you never lose track of your reading list.
  • Share your discoveries on social media.

BingeBooks is not just a site for casual browsing and reading. You can follow any author or user on the site (and see them on your Profile page). You can bookmark any book, author page or article so that it shows up in your private My Reads area. And you can create Lists to show off your knowledge and flaunt your reading chops.

Find out more about what you can do in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Please abide by our Community Guidelines in everything you do on this site.

BingeBooks authors

Who we are

Who’s behind BingeBooks? We’re a group of 125+ independent and traditionally published fiction authors who believe there’s room for a big new community of book lovers  a community with no agenda other than to promote book reading and to spotlight awesome reads. Above are a few of our founding authors, and also see our Team page.

Our venture is already drawing widespread support from folks who believe the book publishing industry will benefit from a new creative outlet and from authors who like the idea of having a larger say in how their books make it into readers’ hands. While our startup’s founding team has built relationships with millions of readers, we want to give many more authors the opportunity to showcase their works, including those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

BingeBooks is a place for all kinds of fiction books. We have a simple rule when deciding whether to showcase books on our home page and genre landing pages: Are they quality reads? Our goal is to show off the very best books across multiple genres and subgenres. (And no, you can’t buy your way onto our home page or genre pages.)

We’re not elitist about the books we expose – we love popular fiction and genre fiction as well as literary works. If you’d like to recommend a title, please tell us. ou can expect to see additional titles from publishing houses and indie authors added every month – new releases and from back catalogs.


Listen to audiobooks

Sample audiobooks, then buy them — without having to subscribe to a monthly service.

What you can do on BingeBooks

We want to hear from readers about what you’d like to see on the site  new features? more titles? Let us know! Here are some of the things you can do on BingeBooks:

  • Read the opening chapters of a book easily on your smartphone or computer by using the “Binge” icon below book covers or on the Sample tab of book pages. It’s a great way to discover unfamiliar authors or sample new genres.
  • Listen to excerpts of tens of thousands of audiobooks and buy and download the full audiobook without having to subscribe to a monthly service.
  • Interact with authors, leave comments or reviews, and get behind-the-scenes looks.
  • Find deals and buy the ebook, paperback or hardcover that appeals to you at one of your favorite retailers (there's more than one, you know).
  • Save favorite books or authors to your private My Reads section for later sampling.
  • Organize your reading lists and digital book life.
  • Share your recommendations and show off your book smarts.
  • Create Lists and write reviews to build cred and and share your love of reading.

And we have so much more planned! We are excited to welcome you to BingeBooks — our community of authors and book lovers. You can get started by joining for free.

Let's follow each other on social media, too. You can find us here:


We hope to connect with you here and on social media. Happy reading!