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About our service

What is BingeBooks?

Bingebooks.com is a new online community where readers can discover great books and connect with authors and other readers. Membership is free to all book lovers.

Are there benefits to registering?

Yes, there are several good reasons to register. If you sign up (it's free), you can:

  • Create your public profile
  • Leave comments or reviews
  • Bookmark any book or author page for later retrieval in your own private My Reads space
  • Follow authors or other users
  • “Like” books and authors you come across
  • Create and share book lists
  • Join or start a reader group
  • Become part of an exciting new grassroots community of book lovers.

CEO Alessandra Torre explains book bingeing.

What is this “bingeing” business all about?

Bingeing is diving head first into a book to see if you enjoy the author’s writing style and story. Don’t like the book? Jump out and right into another! We make it easy to quickly sample excerpts by clicking the small e-reader icon below the book covers (on the landing pages) or by clicking the Sample tab on any book page. We don‘t have samples for every single title in our library, but we‘re working hard to get as many as possible.

Who decides which titles get included on your home page or genre landing pages?

Our team of fiction-loving authors and editors. In the future, we'll be aided by Marlowe, our A.I. book expert.

How is BingeBooks different from Goodreads, Book Riot and other book sites and online bookstores?

We think readers deserve more choices and more voices. Here are some of the ways we're different:

  • Readers can dive into the opening chapters of tens of thousands of books in our catalog — and we make it easy to read on any device.
  • We’re an independent enterprise. (Goodreads, for example, is owned by Amazon.) We’re not backed by deep-pocketed investors or funded by the publishing houses (though we're excited to include their titles in our catalog). BingeBooks is run by authors based on input from readers.
  • We’re not a retailer and we’re not here to upsell you or promote products you don’t want. We’re an online community, knowledge base and resource.
  • We give every user a personalized private dashboard called My Reads.
  • If you want to buy a book, we give you a choice of several retailers, and we’re not limited to just eBooks.
  • Our site is mobile friendly, and we have an App too - details here.
  • We offer an all-in-one experience. You don't have to hop from site to site to see the book description, read a sample, see readers’ recommendations or listen to an audiobook excerpt.
  • We provide the easiest, most modern way to organize your digital book life and show off your expertise by sharing lists featuring beautiful book covers.
  • We’re transparent about who we are and about our goal: to help readers find books they'll love.
  • We’re a platform. Authors get to decide what's on their author pages and book pages.

Do you publish books?

No. We're a book discovery and recommendation engine powered by our members. For a book to be included on BingeBooks, it must be published by a publishing house or independently published and available on at least one major retailer.

How do you make money?

We plan to generate revenue chiefly through a combination of affiliate fees from book retailers, advertising and newsletter placements (coming soon).

Why don’t I see one of my favorite books on your site?

We’re trying to expand our catalog as quickly as we can. Already we have books from more than 70,000 authors on BingeBooks, from independent authors as well as all five of the Big Five publishing houses (Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Macmillan) and an increasing number of indie publishers (including Kensington). We’re adding more all the time, so check back soon.

For now, if you see a missing title that you'd like to see on BingeBooks, fill in this quick form and we'll likely be able to add it in short order.

If you’re an author who is interested in being on BingeBooks, please fill out this short form and your author page and book pages should be live on the site within 24 to 48 hours.

I just purchased an audiobook on BingeBooks. How do I listen to it?

On BingeBooks, when you buy an audiobook through our BingeBooks Audio app, it’s yours to keep — no subscription required. Just go here to learn how to download the BingeBooks Audio app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

I live outside the U.S. Are you only for U.S. readers and authors?

We’re for every reader and author, no matter your location! For now, we are focused on books available in English, and all of our retailer links are U.S.-based. That said, we already have authors from Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and we have international sites and sales on our roadmap.

Why is the price you show for a book different than what I get when I click through to the retailer?

BingeBooks displays the prices we receive from publishers and retailers. Sometimes it's off and we're trying our best to correct these mismatches. The pricing shown is the latest we have received, but it could vary based on the retailer or format chosen.

Do you display porn or hard-core material?

No. Our policy is to remove all erotica from our site, so you shouldn't see any books of that nature. (Keep in mind there are a lot of provocative book covers and plenty of steamy romance reads.) That said, some titles are mislabeled by the publisher. As we come across those titles, we remove them. If you see an instance of erotica on our site, please let us know and we'll address the offending book or audiobook.

My favorite subgenre isn’t showing. Why not?

Have you checked our full list of subgenres? You'll find more than 230 categories, most of which comes in as feeds from the publishers. Also, note that we show only fiction genres at present. As our catalog grows, we’ll expand our list of subgenres.

I’m not receiving the email newsletter I subscribed to. What gives?

We send an email newsletter out every week. To make sure you don't miss an important communication from us, please whitelist @bingebooks with your email provider. Here's how.

I'm an author. Can I add my books to your database?

Yes. We'd love to have your books or books. Just fill out this short form. There's no charge.

Where are you based?

We’re all over the world! BingeBooks is a U.S.-based company with team members in eight countries, including the U.K., Canada and Australia. No matter the hour, somewhere in the world, a BingeBooks team member is researching, cataloging or reading a great book.

I work in publishing and would like to discuss partnering.

Great. Drop us a line at [email protected].

Who are the investors behind BingeBooks?

Glad you're impressed by what we've built. So far, everything you see was done on our own dime. Our Delaware C Corp., Authors A.I., Inc., is a self-funded tech startup.


How you can help the community

How do I report a bug?

We love when users help us out by reporting technical errors or content mistakes they come across. Here's what to do if you spot a bug on the site.

How do I report abusive behavior?

We don't have a big team of moderators checking out or approving every user's comments — comments go live immediately. So we depend on the community by flagging comments or other violations of our community rules. Here's what to do if you spot abuse.


Using the BingeBooks site

How do I create or update my profile?

Head to our Register page and step through the quick process. When you return, use the same log-in (email addy, Google or Facebook). You can fill in or update details about yourself at any time. (And please don't create multiple accounts.)

I forgot my username or password – how can I get back in?

You can reset your credentials here.

BingeBooks CEO Alessandra Torre explains how to use the site's social features.


What do the heart and other social icons represent?

You'll see a heart, bookmark and comment icon near the top of every book page and a heart and comment icon atop every author page. Alessandra explains how they work in the video right above. In short, here's what they mean:

  • Heart = You like a post, book or author page. Be aware that when you heart an item, it shows the item you hearted on your profile page.
  • Bookmark = You can save any book or author page on the site for later retrieval in your private My Reads.
  • Comment = Click or tap this icon to leave a comment or post a review.

How do I comment on a book or author page?

Any registered member can comment by going to the Book info tab of any book page or the Reader buzz section of any author page. There you can scroll down and just click the link to join the conversation! Be sure to follow the Talk Guidelines and Book Recommendation Guidelines.

I’d prefer not to show my real name when posting comments.

That’s fine. Go to your “My account’’ page — click on your avatar at the top right to find it — and change your “Displayed name” to whatever you wish.



What does it mean to follow someone or be followed on your site?

As we build our online community, we'll include lots of social features. The first is the ability to follow any author or user. You'll see all the authors and users you follow on your Profile page — as well as BingeBooks members who follow you. Soon you'll be able to see the updates of your favorite authors and reviewers in your personalized Feed.

What is My Reads?

This is your personal space. It's similar to your Bookshelf on Amazon's Goodreads. At BingeBooks, you can save books as well as authors and articles to your My Reads section. Think of it as your own little cubbyhole where you can stash books you've liked, retrieve and re-read book samples you want to return to, explore books by your favorite authors, create and share lists, search and add books to your lists, and more. We encourage you to use your My Reads area to organize your digital book life.


What do these three icons mean in my personal My Reads section?
  • Binge icon: Begin reading the book on your mobile device or computer.
  • Blue plus icon: Add this book to one of your Lists.
  • Red minus icon: Remove this book from your list. 

Want to create a beautiful books List? Here's how to do it!
How do I create a list or add to it?

Lists are an easy visual way to organize your favorite books. See our List Bliss page. Here are the steps to creating a List:

  1. Just go to your My Reads (in the top navigation) and select My Lists from the left navigation pane.
  2. Click the gold CREATE NEW LIST button, add a title, say a few words about what your list consists of and click Save.
  3. To add books to your List, search on books from your My Books page (you'll find My Books in the left pane of your My Reads section). Or, go to any book page on the site and click the blue Add to My Books button (see image below).
Add to My Books

How do I delete my account?

If you'd like to delete your account, please email us at [email protected] from the registered email on file, with the subject line 'delete account'. We will remove your account within 48 hours.

Upon deletion, you will permanently lose all reviews, comments, and lists. You will not be able to recover those items if you change your mind and open a new account.

How can I read the rest of a book I started?

Once you’ve binged the opening chapters, it’s easy to carry on reading. Just follow the links at the end to buy the book, in print, e-book or audio format.

Does your site have an app?

Yes, we have two! Our BingeBooks app lets you read and listen to opening excerpts from tens of thousands of books, wherever you are. Our BingeBooks Audio app is the app for listening to audiobooks you've purchased on the site: here's how to download it.

Does your site work on mobile?

Yes, we're optimized for the mobile Web — and in fact we expect most of our users to visit bingebooks.com through their mobile device’s Web browser.


Goodreads import

Can I import my Goodreads lists?

Yes. Just go to your My Reads’ List page, click the gold IMPORT GOODREADS LIST button and follow the simple steps. If you have a super-long list, try to break it into two lists, import and then combine them.

I have an idea for a new feature – who can I tell?

We’d love to hear about it. Email us the details at [email protected]. If we include it in BingeBooks we’ll make sure to tell you first!

I messaged an author but didn't receive a reply.

That’s likely to happen at times. Authors are crazy busy people, always juggling deadlines, other work, family, stuff — a bit like everyone else. Other authors are big-name multimillion sellers who may not have claimed their BingeBooks author profile (though you're certainly welcome to, Stephen King). We'll soon implement a new feature that will send you an alert when an author responds to you.

BingeBooks logo

What's the idea behind your logo?

We’ll let our artist’s work speak for itself. Some people say they see a smartphone (and yes, many BingeBookers binge on a mobile device). Some say they see a bookmark. One guy in New Jersey saw a spacecraft, but we think he's bonkers.

Are all the authors on your main Authors page part of your team?

Only those with the “founding author” designation are part of our startup team. But we're including many more authors whose works we admire and want to showcase, from emerging new talents to best-selling household names.

What do you do with the data in my profile or during my site visits?

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share your information with anyone outside of BingeBooks. We’re working on creating a personalized experience so we can send you exclusive perks, offers and news about your favorite authors and genres. You can opt out of emails at any time. Read more details about how we protect your private information in our Privacy Policy.