How to access your new audiobook

Thank you for your purchase. To access and begin listening to your new audiobook, please download the BingeBooks Audio app.

Download BingeBooks Audio on the App Store from Apple

Download BingeBooks Audio on Google Play

Once you have downloaded the app, please log in using the same user name and password that you use on (your email log-in won't work). Inside the app, you will see all the audiobooks you purchased on BingeBooks.

Do you log into BingeBooks using Google or Facebook? No worries. Just visit your Account Settings on BingeBooks and find your username there. If you don't remember the password you set up initially, you can reset your password on that page. See the photo below for directions on where to find these items:

View of a BingeBooks member's private My Account page

Encounter any issues? Reach us at [email protected].