Lucy Score's Favorite Reads


March 11, 2024

Bestselling romantic comedy and romcom suspense author Lucy Score shares the books she loves:

The paperback re-release of The Dead Guy Next Door, book one in my Riley Thorn series, got me thinking about my love for suspense, romcom, and everything in between. I’ve put together a few recommendations for you of books other people wrote!

Let’s start with the romcom suspense mash-up. It’s one of my favorite things to read (and write)! I’m a sensitive soul so I want my suspense stories to have a side of humor.

Jana Deleon’s Miss Fortune Mysteries series is my special treat when I hit productivity goals. The books are set in Sinful, Louisiana, and feature CIA assassin Fortune who has to lay low after a job goes south. She’s in town under the assumed identity of a shy librarian with strict orders to avoid trouble at all costs. Unfortunately, her two new best friends are elderly troublemakers whose shenanigans leave me cackling. Did I mention there’s a sexy deputy who keeps finding Fortune in not-very-librarian-y situations?

When it comes to romantic suspense, no one can topple OG Queen Nora Roberts from my pedestal.

My favorite book of hers is The Obsession. I re-read it probably once a year. It’s the story of an accomplished photographer heroine with a scary past who falls in love with a huge house and decides to finally plant roots. The hero is a bar-owning mechanic band member who loves to read. It combines so many of my favorite things into one story it makes me giddy: romance, adopting a dog, home renovations, found family, gay uncles, and of course serial killers.

Finally, in the straight-up suspense category, I’ve got to go with the amazing Louise Penny. I was late to the Louise Penny game, but I’m making up for lost time. Her police procedural Chief Inspector Gamache series kicks off with Still Life. A murder in a small town in Quebec introduces the steadfast Armand Gamache to the quirky and often mysterious residents of Three Pines. Everyone is a friend…and a suspect!

Check these reads out (here) if you get a chance. And when you’re finished with them, maybe meander through my Riley Thorn romcom suspense—romcomicide?—series!



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