Pineapple Lies

Pineapple Lies

Amy Vansant Founding author
Book #1 of the binge-worthy series---a twisty puzzler...Solve the mystery before you die laughing!
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It's bad enough Charlotte Morgan found a body buried in her back yard—when she discovers the bones belong to the long-missing mom of the hottest guy in town, she knows she's just made the world's worst first impression.

Determined to solve the crime, the 26-year-old becomes an amateur sleuth... even though, after being raised in a 55-plus Florida retirement community, golf-cart racing's usually about as exciting as life gets. 

Quips get flung and puns get slung, making for a hilarious read, but even better, Pineapple Port's just a place you want to hang out. The dialog crackles---you'll hear the voices of your own nutty friends and relatives in every conversation. Charlotte's a unique female protagonist, being the only chick, as a friend observes, in a roomful of hens, but Pineapple Port is a wonderful character in itself, possessing its own exotic customs and quirks. People have nicknames like Jenny Teacup (because she collects tea sets), exercise comes in the form of water aerobics, and Poolside Breakfast is a big social event. But beneath this typical Florida retirement community, trouble brews...

Throughout the series, you find serial killers, crazy ex-girlfriends, loving dogs, romance, government operatives, FBI agents, danger... and a cast of characters almost as funny as they are loving, supportive and brave. The series appeals to men and women.

If Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and the Golden Girls had a baby, it would be the Pineapple Port series!

If you like Jana Deleon, Angie Fox, Leslie Langtry, Susan M. Boyer, Gina-LaManna, Julie Smith or any funny, action-packed mystery, you're about to find your next favorite series.

Release date: April 8, 2015

Publisher: Vansant Creations

Print pages: 318

Reader says this book is...: entertaining story (2) escapist/easy read (2) female sleuth (2) quirky supporting cast (1) satisfying ending (1) terrific writing (1) trail of clues (1) unexpected twists (1) witty (1)

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Amy Vansant
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