Guardians of Eternity Bundle 3

Guardians of Eternity Bundle 3

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The Guardians of Eternity are vampires and werewolves chosen to safeguard the world from growing darkness. For them, danger and seduction go hand in hand, and their fierce strength is matched only by their desire for those who are destined to be their mates...

As imposing as she is beautiful, Sophia never shows weakness, but for her family's sake, she'll agree to be saddled with a bodyguard. Six feet of pure-blooded Were, Luc is gorgeous and ruthless. The man in him is sworn to protect, while the wolf intends to seduce and possess—assuming Sophia doesn't get them both killed first...

Cassie, a werewolf prophet, must be kept safe at all costs. Enter Caine, whose recent tangles with a demon lord have left him in need of redemption. He's duty-bound to keep Cassie out of danger, and increasingly certain that he has found his true mate. But a deadly enemy is closer than they realize...

The vampire Santiago is determined to find the beautiful clan chief Nefri, who abruptly left him. Nefri is on a mission of her own—to prevent Santiago's traitorous sire from unleashing a scourge on the mortal world. Failure is not an option, but neither is resisting Santiago...
Roke never lets his raw sensuality get the better of him, until a nymph-like witch named Sally tricks him into mating with her. The pair will remain bound for eternity unless she can break the spell. But as desire leaves them both aching for more, Sally isn't sure if her world is more dangerous with Roke, or without him.
Cyn, the hedonistic chief of Ireland's vampire clan, is not happy to be relocated from the magical land of the fey to his desolate castle. Sharp-witted fairy princess Fallon seems immune to his seductive games. But they must stop an enemy from closing the veil that separates the dimensions, even as deep desire ignites...

Release date: September 28, 2021

Publisher: Zebra

Print pages: 1999

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