The Immortal Vow: Rite of the Vampire

The Immortal Vow: Rite of the Vampire

Book 3: Rite World
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A queen facing death. A vampire prince racing against time. And a battle that'll bring the end of it all...
When Drake and I arrived at our new home, I could pretend the horrors we'd experienced had all been a nightmare. We were safe, happy--and together.
But it was all a temporary dream. Now I'm dying from an incurable curse, and if Drake can't find a way to save me, we'll be apart forever.
I just hope I die after we win this war.
I lost Thea once. I won't lose her again.
To be truly free of the past, we need to fight back. We need to face the vampires, the witches, the werewolves, and we need to win.
But to win, I have to gain allies. That means making promises I don't know if I can keep, and bargains that might destroy the supernatural community forever.
Thea's life is on the line. After this, the magical world will never be the same.
An exciting and mysterious paranormal romance novel, The Immortal Vow is an exquisite new adult fantasy featuring a brooding vampire prince and a spirited witch queen. Fans of A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest and The Vampire Diaries will become addicted to this series!
Rite World:
The Vampire Heir (Book 1 - Rite of the Vampire 1)
The Witch Queen (Book 2 - Rite of the Vampire 2)
The Immortal Vow (Book 3 - Rite of the Vampire 3)
The Warlock Lord (Book 4 - Rite of the Warlock 1)
The Wolf Consort (Book 5 - Rite of the Warlock 2)
The Crystal Rose (Book 6 - Rite of the Warlock 3)
The Wolf Forsaken (Book 7 - Rite of the Wolf 1)
The Fae Bound (Book 8 - Rite of the Wolf 2)
The Blood Pact (Book 9 - Rite of the Wolf 3)

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