Montana Romance Box Collection Two

Montana Romance Box Collection Two

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Together for the first time in one exciting and spicy box collection! Enemies to lovers, a fallen woman redeemed, an interracial love story, and an adventurous and heartwarming M/M romance!


She only ever wanted to belong...

Lily Singer was stolen from her tribe as a child and raised in a white man's world. She has poured her heart into teaching, never truly accepted by either world. When Christian Avery barges into her life, sparks fly, but sparks ignite blazes that can only be put out by giving in to passion.

His carefully-ordered world was set afire by her...

Christian Avery, Justice of the Peace, is used to having his way. When the flames of his passion for Lily spread, enveloping them in gossip and scandal, the only way he can protect her and maintain calm is by surrendering to a love that could bring them both down.

The only place she has ever felt at home is in his arms....


She was a fallen woman, betrayed and neglected...

But when Eve deLaurent is handed a second chance to be with her sister, Amelia, she must take it. All she was looking for was to be reunited with her family. The last thing she expected was for passions to flare between her and the town's reverend, Mark Andrews.

He only wanted to help a lost soul...

But everything about Eve reminds Mark Andrews that he is not just a man of God, he is a man. He wants her, longs for her--but, most of all, he wants to heal the rift between Eve and Amelia. Yet some pain runs so deep that only desire can fill it.

You're only as strong as the loves that hold you together...


After a lifetime of fear, she is finally free...

Divorce has made Rebecca Turner a scandalous woman, yet she has never been happier--until her children fall mysteriously ill. When the new, captivating doctor in town reaches out to help her, Rebecca finds herself in danger of losing her heart.

He will stop at nothing to defend her...

Dr. Thomas “Seeks For Her” Smith has always been an outsider, guarding his heart even as it yearns for something more. Rebecca captivates him, body and soul. He has the skills to heal her children, but it will take every bit of his strength and passion to save her from her own demons.

Love is the only thing worth fighting for...


For Phineas Bell, falling in love is impossible...

In Cold Springs, men who love other men are anathema. So Phin has poured his heart and soul into his work, his town, and the friends who are his family. But when the handsome new sheriff takes over Phin's home and his heart, his whole world is on the line.

Elliott Tucker is a shameless rule-breaker...

From the moment he sees uptight banker Phineas Bell, Elliott wants to make Phin lose control, give in to his passions, and succumb to his forbidden desires. Sparks fly and nights heat up... until a shocking abduction sends Elliott and Phin on a chase to catch the kidnappers and wrestle with the passion between them.

Everybody deserves somebody to love...

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Pretty darn hot and spicy! Also, the fourth books is a gay romance.

Release date: December 11, 2020

Print pages: 878

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