Johnny: Connelly Cousins, Book 2

Johnny: Connelly Cousins, Book 2

The near-fatal accident took more than her ability to walk; it took her spirit as well.
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Carpe Diem is more than just a catchy phrase to Stacey Mallory. At least it was, until the near-fatal accident that took the use of her legs and changed her life forever. 

Stacey would do anything to dive once again into cool blue waters from a towering cliff, or feel the wind in her face as she opens up the throttle of her sleek, sporty motorcycle. 

To dance under the moonlight in the arms of a strong, sexy man.

To escape her new reality, Stacey reinvents herself as Salienne Dulcette, the reclusive author of steamy erotic romances, and lives life vicariously through her characters. Writing about life isn't the same as living it, but until her miracle comes through, it's all she has. 

Johnny Connelly is loving life. His construction business is booming, he's surrounded by family and friends, and there's plenty of women willing to keep him company.

So why does he feel like something's missing?

When his sister's college roommate comes to town for a visit, Johnny thinks he may have found that answer. Stacey is smart, sassy, and sexy as hell. She manages to do what no other woman has – she not only lights a fire in his blood, but she touches his ragged soul in the process. 

Johnny knows he can reawaken Stacey's passion, but is it enough to make her realize what's really important? 

Release date: December 1, 2015

Publisher: Abbie Zanders Romance

Print pages: 260

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Johnny: Connelly Cousins, Book 2
Abbie Zanders
CJ Bloom,
Tor Thom
5 hours, 39 minutes
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June 16, 2020




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