Shadow of Doubt: Sanctuary, Book Three

Shadow of Doubt: Sanctuary, Book Three

Book 3: Sanctuary
There's nothing he won't do to protect those he cares about. Especially her.
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It takes a village ... to ruin a perfectly good love story.

Former SEAL Brian “Mad Dog” Sheppard might look like a gentle giant to some, but there's a very good reason for his call name. Threaten someone he cares about and he'll stop at nothing to protect them.

That includes his new team of fellow SEALs. They're all about creating a safe haven for vets trying to readjust to civilian life. Everyone agrees it's a great idea, but there are those who would much rather they take their good deeds somewhere else—preferably far away from the sleepy mountain town of Sumneyville.

Kate Handelmann is friendly and down-to-earth with very strong ties to the community. While she's not a fan of gossip and firmly believes that actions speak louder than words, it's impossible to ignore all the rumors surrounding the mysterious and potentially dangerous group of men settling in just outside of town.

When Mad Dog shows up at her dad's hardware store, the instant and powerful attraction is undeniable, but Kate's family already has other ideas—and he is definitely not part of their plan.

As tensions escalate between the men of Sanctuary and local residents, hard lines are drawn. With their chemistry off the charts, will Kate choose her family? Or will she sacrifice everything to be with the man she loves?

Shadow of Doubt is a contemporary romance featuring former military heroes and light suspense.

Release date: April 14, 2020

Publisher: Abbie Zanders Romance

Print pages: 437

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