Hyper Lynx

Hyper Lynx

Book 6: The Lynx Series
Fiona Quinn Founding author
If she fails, her whole team could be destroyed.
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Lexi Sobado’s psychic information station is tuned to a new woo-woo channel. It seems to Lexi that both her deceased parents are trying to grab her attention. A warning of some impending danger appears to revolve around their deaths.

Is the danger stemming from the awkward guy at CIA Headquarters who mistook Lexi for her mom?

Maybe the threat comes from her FBI mission that Lexi is working undercover for her childhood mentor Spyder McGraw.

Or maybe, it’s the upcoming wedding for her dear friends Gator Aid Rochambeau and Christen where the Assemblymen will gather.

Lexi must navigate this newest labyrinth set out by the Hydra with her head on a swivel and her psychic warning system blaring.

If she fails, her whole team could be destroyed.

Grab your copy of HYPER LYNX, and let’s go!

Release date: May 31, 2021

Publisher: Fiona Quinn Books

Print pages: 344

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