Force Multiplier: First Novels from the World of Iniquus Romantic Suspense Mystery Thrillers

Force Multiplier: First Novels from the World of Iniquus Romantic Suspense Mystery Thrillers

Fiona Quinn Founding author
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Force Multiplier is a sampler set that includes the K9-centered novels from four different Iniquus series.

Welcome to Iniquus Security… …where ex-special forces live, work, and love in a world of action adventure. You’ll meet a cast of characters who will stay with you for life, as they move from one adventure to the next. Each book is part of a larger series. All of them intertwine. The deeper you get, the more you’ll fall in love with these stories, brimming with thrills, suspense, and action. With just the right mix of romance, you'll keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

Survival Instinct - Military training won’t help when the enemy is a force of nature…
All Major Dani Addams wanted when she started up that trail was to mourn and honor her fallen friend. She has no way of knowing the weather is about to turn on her in the worst possible way—or that she's about to meet a man who will change her entire life.

Ex-SEAL Trip Williams and his K9 Valor were brought in to rescue a film crew that got caught in the storm. He isn’t expecting Dani. But once he finds her, he will keep her safe…even if he has to disobey direct orders and fight Mother Nature herself.

All Dani and Trip have to do to get to happily ever after is weather the storm. Should be simple, right? If only…

Danger Signs - Her choice is arranged marriage . . . or death . . .
Kira al-Attiyah's hope for a bright future in the U.S. died along with her father. Now, royal family tradition demands she marry. Refusing? Not an option. Especially since honor killing isn’t just urban legend. She knew what she had to do. She just never expected her intended to be a terrorist . . .

Delta Force operator Ty Newcomb’s mission was clear. He needed to make Kira fall for him, then secure an invite to meet her fiancé. From there, taking down the man who has been on the CIA high-value target list for over a decade would be easy. The hard part would be not developing real feelings for his beautiful target.

With lives—and love—on the line, can Ty find a way to get the bad guy and keep the girl? Or will the price of completing the mission be his happily ever after with Kira?

Fear the REAPER - Everything was going according to plan…until it fell apart in the most spectacular way…
Ex-SEAL Ryan “Reaper” Hamilton is well on his way to having it all. His marriage to Kate is finally on solid ground, and his goal of being a K9 trainer with Iniquus’s Cerberus team is within reach. Finding a dangerous spy’s flash drive (and becoming the object of her twisted, vengeful obsession) was not on his agenda. But that’s all it takes to throw his world into chaos.

It’s not long before Reaper finds himself fighting for everything he holds dear—his wife, his son, his career…his sanity.

When all is said and done, will Reaper and Kate get the happily ever after they deserve? Or will they learn that the good guys don’t always win?

Warrior's Instinct - It’ll take every instinct this warrior has to get them out alive…
Heath “Ares” Sterling thought he’d never see Hailey again. But now that fate—and Iniquus Logistics—has brought them together again, he’ll do whatever it takes to earn a second chance with the one who got away. If only they were meeting under less deadly circumstances…

Hailey Stapleton hates the idea of being a damsel in distress. But when her latest humanitarian efforts land her in a warzone, she needs help fast. It shouldn’t surprise her that Ares races to her rescue—or that she’s as attracted to him as ever. Too bad their timing couldn’t be worse…

Can Ares—and his K9 partner Judge—get Hailey to safety and convince her to take one more shot at happily ever after? His instincts say yes.

Racing against time, Ares’ job is keeping Hailey alive as they struggle together for survival and a chance at forever love.

Ready for action-adventure? Let's go!

Release date: November 1, 2022

Publisher: Fiona Quinn Books

Print pages: 1126

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