Book 5: Strike Force
Fiona Quinn Founding author
They’ll have to strike fast and hard if they want their happily ever after…
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They’ll have to strike fast and hard if they want their happily ever after…

Lexi “Lynx” Sobado would love to marry Striker Rheas. First, though, she’ll have to track down her husband. The US military told Lynx she was a widow. She grieved, agonized, and healed with Striker’s love. Then she discovered her husband had turned black ops, alive and well. To move on with her life, Lynx must hand him the divorce papers and get his signature before he gets lost in another CIA operation. Lynx has a plan.

Striker already waited a lifetime for Lynx. They are so close to their happily ever after. But when a terrorist cell kidnaps an asset from Striker’s SEAL days, Striker knows he can’t rest until the man and his family are safe.

Striker makes the call – A brother’s life is on the line; Lynx, will you help?

Lynx doesn’t hesitate for a second.

Can Lynx and Striker complete the mission and
 finally find their way to the altar? Not if the terrorists—and Lynx’s not-so-dead husband —have anything to say about it.

Release date: May 23, 2023

Publisher: Fiona Quinn, LLC.

Print pages: 348

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