Going to the Castle

Going to the Castle

A billionaire prince destined to rule the world. A woman determined to save it.
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"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
Emily March
New York Times Bestselling Author


A billionaire prince destined to rule the world. A woman determined to save it. An attraction neither can deny.



Jennifer Allen is on a mission to assist refugees, not to be swept away by a fairy tale prince…even if the prince in question is a drop-dead sexy billionaire. When Prince Antony diTalora visits her camp, she’s certain it’s a publicity stunt and keeps him at arm’s length. But when he invites her to the palace to speak about her work, it brings her beliefs into question and has her looking at Prince Charming in a whole new light.


Prince Antony diTalora has wealth, power, and everything a man could want, except someone to share his life. Duty demands he marry well and produce an heir, but when Antony meets an intriguing American who challenges his views, his privileged life is turned on its head.


But can two people from such different worlds really live happily ever after?

Release date: March 17, 2020

Print pages: 194

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