Royal Scandals: San Rimini Boxed Set (Books 1 - 3)

Royal Scandals: San Rimini Boxed Set (Books 1 - 3)

Fit for a Queen, Going to the Castle, and The Prince's Tutor - three royal romances in one great collection.
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"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
Emily March
New York Times Bestselling Author


Books 1 - 3 of Nicole Burnham's engaging Royal Scandals: San Rimini contemporary royal romance series, now available as a boxed set. Includes the full text of FIT FOR A QUEEN, GOING TO THE CASTLE, and THE PRINCE'S TUTOR.

"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
-- New York Times Bestselling Author Emily March

She holds the secrets of a queen. He's been hired to watch her.

Daniela D'Ambrosio is the most trusted employee of Sarcaccia's Queen Fabrizia, managing the queen's schedule and ensuring she never makes a misstep in public. But when Fabrizia sends Daniela to organize the belongings of San Rimini's late queen for a charity auction, Daniela finds a locked closet full of treasure, a suspicious king, and an attractive handyman who seems strangely familiar.

Following a harrowing stint in the military, Royce Dekker now runs his own security firm in San Rimini. When he goes undercover to safeguard the late queen's possessions, Royce learns that the woman organizing the auction project is none other than Daniela D'Ambrosio, the stunning beauty who's fueled his late-night fantasies ever since their stolen night under the stars.

When Daniela recognizes Royce, she realizes there is more to the palace job than she was told. But can she trust the sexy man standing guard over her as she works? Or will Royce discover that Daniela also has secrets to uncover?

A billionaire prince destined to rule the world. A woman determined to save it.

Jennifer Allen is on a mission to assist refugees, not to be swept away by a fairy tale prince...even if the prince in question is a drop-dead sexy billionaire. When Prince Antony diTalora visits her camp, she's certain it's a publicity stunt and keeps him at arm's length. But when he invites her to the palace to speak about her work, it brings her beliefs into question and has her looking at Prince Charming in a whole new light.

Prince Antony diTalora has wealth, power, and everything a man could want, except someone to share his life. Duty demands he marry well and produce an heir, but when Antony meets an intriguing American who challenges his views, his privileged life is turned on its head.

But can two people from such different worlds really live happily ever after?

A male—and royal—Eliza Doolittle meets a female Professor Higgins.

Having completed his military service, Prince Marco diTalora of San Rimini wants only one thing on his return home: his freedom. He has good reason for avoiding the public eye, and little interest in his father's plans to immerse him in royal life. In the hours before his brother's high-profile wedding, he dodges the media hordes for a few hours of respite.

Amanda Hutton works with children of the rich and famous to ensure they have the skills to navigate life in the public eye. But she's between clients and under financial stress, so when she's invited to serve as a royal bridesmaid in beautiful San Rimini, she views the trip as an essential escape.

Amanda soon finds herself hunting down Prince Marco and dragging him out of a casino's private gaming room. When she gets him to the church on time, she figures her interaction with the rebellious—and flirtatious—prince is over. But then King Eduardo offers her the solution to her financial woes in the form of a job...and it's not a child he wants her to tutor, it's Prince Marco. It's an offer she can't refuse. Then again, Marco might have something to teach Amanda.

Don't miss a single volume of the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series!
- Fit for a Queen
- Going to the Castle
- The Prince's Tutor
- The Knight's Kiss
- Falling for Prince Federico
- To Kiss a King
- The Hire, for newsletter subscribers

Release date: October 10, 2020

Print pages: 740

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