Royal Scandals Boxed Set (Books 1 - 3)

Royal Scandals Boxed Set (Books 1 - 3)

Scandal With a Prince, Honeymoon With a Prince, and Slow Tango With a Prince
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"Great food, great sex, exotic locale, and royal scandals...enjoy!"
Christina Dodd
New York Times Bestselling Author
"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
Emily March
New York Times Bestselling Author


Books 1 – 3 of Nicole Burnham's romantic Royal Scandals series about Sarcaccia's wealthy Barrali family, now available as a boxed set. Includes the full text of SCANDAL WITH A PRINCE, HONEYMOON WITH A PRINCE, and RITA Award finalist SLOW TANGO WITH A PRINCE.

"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
-- New York Times Bestselling Author Emily March

A one night stand. A lifelong obsession.

One magical summer, Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. But his royal duties took him home, and when she discovered she carried his child, she also discovered he was a beautiful, worldly aristocrat.

Ten years later, Stefano runs into Megan at the grand opening of a Barcelona hotel it's his every sensual fantasy come to life. His memory of their passionate summer has haunted his dreams and night under the stars gives him the perfect opportunity to reclaim the woman he thought lost to him.

Megan finds herself torn between passion with a prince and a fierce need to protect her daughter. Can the man who captured her heart so many years ago be her destiny...or her downfall?

Passionate fantasy...or intimate betrayal?

After dumping her rich, lying louse of a fiancé, designer Kelly Chase opts to take her honeymoon solo. What better chance to nurse her wounds in solitude than two weeks of pre-paid beachfront bliss on the breathtaking Mediterranean island of Sarcaccia? Yet when she meets gorgeous local beach bum Massimo, solitude is suddenly less important than enjoying the company of an honest man ... a man whose eyes reveal a private anguish.

Fresh from brutal combat, seeking privacy and a chance to heal, Prince Massimo Barrali is intrigued by the gorgeous American who fails to recognize him and treats him as an equal. He offers her dinner, but dinner quickly turns into a night of intense passion...until the police come knocking on the door of Kelly's rented villa.

Kelly's horror at the discovery her fiancé stole her honeymoon fund turns to humiliation when Massimo posts her bail. Once again, she's been deceived by a man who isn't what he appears. But when  Massimo offers her a job at the palace and a chance to pay her debts, she can't refuse. She hates that she's forced to work with him, hates the desire that still burns between them, but how can she forget the torment she saw in him or their sensuous night under the stars?

★ RITA Award Finalist 
Public figures, private anguish...and devastating secrets.

Tormented by the suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Sarcaccia's crown prince Vittorio Barrali escapes the glare of the cameras by secretly trading places with his twin brother and traveling to Argentina. There, he nurses his wounds in private, mentally preparing to resume the role to which he was born, a role that doesn't allow emotion to take precedence over duty.

With her television show facing possible cancellation, At Home Abroad host Emily Sinclair learns the guest for her season finale is a no-show. A chance meeting in a café provides the perfect replacement, but when the dark, handsome man resists her invitation despite their attraction, her curiosity is piqued. Then there's the fact he looks so familiar...

Vittorio's instinct is to help a woman in need, particularly one whose work supports so many. But can he risk his own secrets coming to light?

Don't miss a single volume of the Royal Scandals Series:
- Christmas With a Prince (novella)
- Scandal With a Prince
- Honeymoon With a Prince
- Christmas on the Royal Yacht (novella)
- Slow Tango With a Prince
- The Royal Bastard
- Christmas With a Palace Thief (novella)
- The Wicked Prince
- One Man's Princess

Release date: August 27, 2015

Print pages: 973

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