Royal Scandals: San Rimini Boxed Set (Books 4 - 6)

Royal Scandals: San Rimini Boxed Set (Books 4 - 6)

The Knight's Kiss, Falling for Prince Federico, and To Kiss a King - three royal romances in one collection.
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"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
Emily March
New York Times Bestselling Author


Books 4 - 6 of Nicole Burnham's engrossing Royal Scandals: San Rimini contemporary royal romance series, now available as a boxed set. Includes the full text of THE KNIGHT'S KISS, FALLING FOR PRINCE FEDERICO, and TO KISS A KING.

"An addictive series, full of heart and romance and endings that give a happy sigh."
-- New York Times Bestselling Author Emily March


RITA Award Winner
He lived in Once Upon a Time.


When Princess Isabella diTalora needs an expert to study the ancient artifacts hidden beneath the royal palace, she's determined to hire the best: Nick Black, a mysterious collector who knows San Rimini's medieval era better than anyone.

Nick Black knows San Rimini's history for good reason. He lived it. In fact, he was once known as Domenico of Bollazio, a powerful knight pledged to San Rimini's king. But he was cursed for his ambition and will never know peace—or mortality—until he can solve the riddle of his enchantment.

Nick knows modern technology will soon reveal his immortality to the world, so—despite the risk—he accepts the assignment from the princess in hopes of breaking his curse. But as he spends more time with the beautiful princess, he learns that some risks come with unexpected consequences.

The world knows him as Prince Perfect. She's about to discover the truth.


Prince Federico diTalora is all too aware of his dreaded nickname: Prince Perfect. He's spent his life guarding his reputation, cognizant of the duty he owes his country and its citizens. But as a widower with two rambunctious boys, the strain of being an ideal son, father, and prince has pushed him to the breaking point.

Pia Renati is in San Rimini to stay with her best friend, who's pregnant and on bed rest. Faced with hours of downtime, Pia is tempted when Prince Federico, with his Mediterranean good looks and unimpeachable reputation, invites her to spend time with him and his two boys.

As Federico and Pia chase the boys around the palace gardens, they find themselves drawing closer. Pia didn't travel to San Rimini for romance—it's the last thing she wants—though there's no denying her attraction to Federico. But can she trust Prince Perfect with her heart, when she sees all too clearly the pain he hides from the world?

He's heralded around the world as a romantic icon. The last thing he needs is to fall in love.


King Eduardo diTalora is riding a popularity high, thanks to his political acumen, his charitable endeavors, and above all, the storybook romance he had with his late wife, Queen Aletta. He plans to use that goodwill in the best way possible, to push long-term projects that will benefit his country.

When Claire Peyton, the new American ambassador, pitches a project of her own, Eduardo wonders if it's possible to find love a second time. But as Claire and Eduardo face the political and personal repercussions of time spent together, each of them must choose between their duty to country and their love for each other.

But when the world sits in judgment, does love stand a chance?

Don't miss a single volume of the Royal Scandals: San Rimini Series:
- Fit for a Queen
- Going to the Castle
- The Prince's Tutor
- The Knight's Kiss
- Falling for Prince Federico
- To Kiss a King
- The Hire, for newsletter subscribers

Release date: October 10, 2020

Print pages: 570

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