Transition: The Inspector Dalton Files Prequel

Transition: The Inspector Dalton Files Prequel

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The end of a journey can be the beginning of a new one. 
Inspector Dalton Kingston, Earth Ward, has received his first solo case...on this Earth. As an evolved human with advanced technology who has traveled across timelines with a powerful being, Dalton has a head start on solving this case. Joining him is Evot, his shapeshifting AI, whose cat and crow forms aid him in his investigations. The problem is he has only been on this Earth for a month and he is still learning how everything works.

Something has disrupted technological systems in Clarksville, Indiana. One issue is the local Earth Ward safe house was impacted. Another is that Clarksville is a Faith Militia hotbed with a high number of nonhuman deaths.

Discovering the cause of the blackouts while coming to grips with this Earth's culture and various power factions is a new challenge for Dalton. Despite that, he will do what he does best--investigate.

Release date: April 17, 2020

Print pages: 138

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