Redemption: Book 5 of The Earthborn

Redemption: Book 5 of The Earthborn

Book 5: The Earthborn
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Sometimes a situation needs Earthborn.

With over half of the Fredorian Senate missing, Blake and the Exceltion crew are called to duty. Tasked with finding the senators, they will need every advantage they can get. It doesn't help that Fredorian leaders Andia Kiggs and Rakar Ho Jador are among those who disappeared.

To make matters worse, the Saskarins have incited a Fredorian civil war. Fighting Saskarins is one thing, but fighting Saskarin-controlled Fredorians on Fredoria is another.

The crew will be pushed to their limits to find the missing people while dealing with the Saskarins at every turn. The situation requires unorthodox thinking--something Earthborn excel at. Although Earthborn are often looked down upon, redemption is at hand.

Release date: March 22, 2020

Print pages: 339

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