Mammoth Forest Wolves: The Complete Series

Mammoth Forest Wolves: The Complete Series

Kimber White Founding author
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For a limited time, get all of the Mammoth Forest Wolves’ binge-worthy, smoldering hot, wolf shifters in one giant box set. Inside, you’ll get five full-length novels including...

>>>Liam- Liam isn’t afraid to fight for his liberation. Planning a secret uprising against a ruthless pack chief, he and his rebel brotherhood dare not claim mates for fear of placing them in peril. But when a botched medical supply run lands him on a fiery vet-assistant’s operating table, he knows with one touch that she is his destiny.

>>>Mac- Mac Morris's, got one chance to find his missing sister and save her from a forced marriage to one of the Chief Pack’s most dangerous generals. His mind and heart go haywire when he comes face to face with his own fated mate, Eve Dawson. Feisty, beautiful, and too stubborn for her own good, Eve’s everything Mac’s inner wolf could ask for. But like his sister, she’s been marked for another wolf. Mac’s gut-wrenching choice will change things in Mammoth Forest forever.

>>>Gunnar - If Gunnar gets lucky, he’ll just get to die today. The ruthless Pack leader wants to bend Gunnar’s mind and force him to betray every rebel shifter in Mammoth Forest. Then, out of nowhere a fierce, beautiful woman whispers his name in the dark. She calls herself Jett and her presence sparks hope and a light inside he’s tried to bury ever since his capture. Jett’s scent calls to Gunnar’s inner wolf in the way only a fated mate’s should. After just one touch, Gunnar’s not sure he even cares what’s true anymore. He only knows he might be willing to risk everything just to claim her.

>>>Payne- Payne has kept a dark secret from the other rebels of Mammoth Forest that may just be their downfall. When asked to go on a mission over the border, Payne jumps at the chance to get clear of the Pack leader's reach. Except, there’s a catch. He’s got to take Lena, the beautiful sister of one his best friends with him. She too has suffered under Pack control and now Payne is honor bound to protect her with his life. The minute he gets close to Lena, he knows she’s his fated mate. With the Pack’s pull growing, Payne may have to protect Lena from himself.

>>>Jagger- The shifter war of a century is about to ignite. Sent on a harrowing recon mission deep in the heart of Kentucky, Jagger’s already decided this is a one-way trip. Three years after losing his fated mate and half his heart, he’s ready to go out in a blaze of glory to be with her. He’s ready and he’s done. Until he meets strange, beautiful Rowan in the middle of nowhere. She calls to his inner wolf and makes him feel things he’s only felt once before. But, that’s impossible. There are no second chances when it comes to fated mates. Are there?

If you love irresistible fated mates, happily ever afters, and more drop-dead gorgeous, angsty, protective wolf shifters than you can handle, scroll up to grab this thrilling action packed paranormal romance series.

Release date: January 1, 2021

Publisher: Nokay Press LLC

Print pages: 1466

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