Touched by Flame

Touched by Flame

Kimber White Founding author
This daughter of dragons has learned to hide to survive.
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This daughter of dragons has learned to hide to survive. Until she meets the only man with the power to set her true heart free...or destroy her.

My whole life I’ve been trained to hide what I am.
Run. Lie. Survive.
One night, my worst nightmare caught up with me.
His name is Viktor. The strongest Alpha wolf I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve known them all.
Dark. Dangerous. Raw. Sensual.
I could have fought. I could have run. But then he would have known my true self.
To a ruthless bounty hunter like Viktor, my secret is far too valuable.
Now, I’m his prisoner. My body. My life is at his mercy.
At least, that’s what I need him to think.
I should break free. I know I can.
And yet...I don’t.
He wants to keep me for himself. Claim me. Mark me. Own me.
His darkest nature ignites a fire within me I never knew I had.
My head tells me to run. But my heart and primal instinct tells me to let him have what he wants.
All of me.


She was just a job. A means to an end.
A bargain I made with the devil to set myself and my pack free for good.
Then I saw her.
Beautiful. Sheltered. Protected her whole life from the horrors I and shifters like me have had to face.
Then I touched her.
Flawless skin. Pouty lips begging to be kissed. A perfect body that bends to mine on instinct when I reach for her.
Then I knew her name.
She belongs to me. Her family swore an oath to mine. One I mean to make her honor.
In body. In soul. In fate.
I see the fire in her eyes. She’s oh so innocent, but wild. Untamed.
She has secrets she thinks she can hide from me. She can’t. I see her. I know what she is.
And I’ll have her. No matter the price. No matter the danger.
Even if it destroys us both.

Release date: October 6, 2020

Print pages: 195

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