• Loving Jesse: Single Daddy Romance

Loving Jesse: Single Daddy Romance


"I love a taboo romance that has class. Loving Jesse is certainly one I won't soon forget. Now I need more!"
"Andrea Smith is a wonderful writer. She makes this such an easy to read, at the same time having you at the edge of your seat rushing to read faster to the next chapter. Each dialogue is delivered flawlessly and each character is very well portrayed. This is no easy story to tell and yet through her hand it seems effortless task."
Isa Loves Books
"I went into this book thinking one thing and came out feeling completely different, which was a very good thing for me."
Ashley B.
Amazon Review
This was a complex book, and I find myself thinking about it several days after I finished reading it. I think, at it's core, this is a book about a young woman. It's a story about personal growth, it's a story about love and devotion, and it's a story about learning one's self worth.
Katherine M.
Amazon Review
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When is love wrong?

Jesse Ryan has always been the love of my life, from as far back as I can remember. But time, distance and circumstances beyond my control separated the two of us for many years.

Now things have changed. Because you see now I'm a grown woman, and it's time that Jesse sees that for himself. But will he see me as anything other than the child I was when we last saw one another? It's up to me to make sure that he does.

Look out Jesse Ryan. September is back!


Release date: December 17, 2015

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 198

Content advisory: 18+

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Behind the book

I had to take a walk on the wild side just a bit with this one. 

If you enjoyed "Unteachable" by Leah Raeder, then "Loving Jesse" is your cuppa.  Age-gap, forbidden relationship tropes can be done in ways that have the reader rooting for the MC's.  I hope this is one of those times for you!

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