Carson: The Untold Story

Carson: The Untold Story

Book 8: G-Man Series
I've been through an horrific experience which nearly killed me. The problem is, I can't remember a thing.
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This is one of those stories that you can read multiple times and still come away feeling something new. Andrea Smith is an author who always delivers!
Andrea Skaar-Rott
Amazon Review
This is a fast, sexy read with a hint of who done it and a lot of steam. If you're looking for more than hearts & flowers, or just a straight mystery, this book is for you.
Author Susan Ward
Amazon Review
I love when an author can keep you guessing and give you the twists and suspense in the romance you crave. Carson has a strength I believe most women have but to see how she came through what happened and continue moving forward with the determination of who she is. Krew was the perfect match for her. I was hooked from start to finish and felt all the feels. A great standalone, if you haven't read the series.
Christie Marsh
Amazon Review
Carson: The Untold Story is a phenomenal contemporary romance with a twist of suspense by Andrea Smith. Ms. Smith has once again produced a book that kept me glued to my e-reader.
Deb Diem
Amazon Review


Sometimes life is just too damned complicated.

I've been through an horrific experience, one that left me clinging to life in the hospital. Everyone has questions. I don't have the answers to give them. You see, I have no clue as to the details leading up to my "accident." But there are people out there that have the answers, and I'm determined to find them - before they find me.

Enter Krew Beckett, who unexpectedly crosses my path once I return to Columbia University, He was my physical therapist after my attack, but he quickly becomes more than that in the ensuing weeks ahead. He understands my need to find the answers locked away in my mind.

But is Krew hiding secrets, or am I simply afraid to trust anyone?

Come take this journey with me.


Release date: April 22, 2021

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 226

Content advisory: 18+

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Behind the book

Carson is one of the G-Man Next Gen Books. All can be read as stand-alones!

Back in 2016, I released my first G-Man Next Generation title, Walk of Shame. Readers need to know that the Next Gen series do not find the offspring of Slate or Taz doing the FBI thing; or Easton's offspring of being top-level, security cleared product and service suppliers to top global intelligence agencies.

            They're simply the offspring; doing their own thing, marching to the beat of different drums, making mistakes, and not always making the choices their parents would like them to make. Sounds fairly normal, right?

            Well, I've found that these next gener's have a propensity to make you laugh, take a deep breath, roll your eyes, and maybe even piss you off a bit. But that's all in the way they were raised, right?


            Each one has their own story. They are all stand alone New Adult Romances with varying flavors.

            So Walk of Shame is Easton and Darcy's son Weston's story. And it's pretty entertaining. You'll meet him again (or for the first time maybe) in Carson: The Untold Story.

            Dude Interrupted is another Next Gen book, with the main character Bryce Slater (Slate and Sammie's son) who actually meets a Next Gen character from my debut Maybe Baby Series! That's right, Bad Boy Bryce meets Trey Sinclair's middle daughter, Avery Sinclair.

            So many of my readers of Walk of Shame have been asking for Carson's story for the last five years! I actually had no plans to write a story for her, but her character in WOS with the mystery and secrets she kept from her family intrigued enough readers that I decided to develop a plot from her appearance in that book which wasn't easy. I truly hope you enjoy it.

            I'm considering doing a book for Harper, Taz and Lindsey's daughter who you'll meet in this book.

            Happy Reading!



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