Evermore Box Set: 4-Book Series

Evermore Box Set: 4-Book Series

An epic first love to lasting love journey in one complete box set and audio!
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Andrea Smith pulls you into this emotional story, from the very beginning.
Rachelle Williams narration is flawless, and emotional. She is amazing.
Trisha C.
Audio Review
This was riveting to the point that I hadn't planned to finish it in one sitting but COULDN'T WALK AWAY!
I listened to the audio book and really enjoyed it. Rachelle Williams continued to do a great job bringing Neely to life.
Audio Review
What a heart stirring story this was! It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way to the ending! I had every emotion there could be had. Rachelle Williams did a super job narrating it. She brought out every emotion with her voice. Get out the Kleenex!
Virginia Smith
Audio Review
I am really enjoying this series! The narration was great. It will keep you entertained! This series is so emotional and really keeps you engaged! The author does a great job with the characters and plot. I devoured this series in a day because they are very short reads!
Audio Review


Neely Evans and Seth Drake met as kids . . .

Eventually, they became so much more . . . through love, through loss and heartache; and through things beyond their control they endured. But the journey is epic. One that you won't want to miss!

Book 1, "Crushed."  

How does a 14-year-old girl fill her days once uprooted from rural Tennessee to the pristine coast of Malibu? That's exactly the predicament Neely Evans finds herself in until 15-year-old Seth Drake, the boy down the beach, takes her under his wing.  As they grow close, their friendship gives way to something more. But their first crush will be short-lived when something tears Neely's family apart.

Book 2, "Claimed."

Neely's now seventeen and under her father and stepmother's care. Not the ideal situation, but Neely knows she has to bide her time and play the game until she goes off to college.

Seth Drake is studying in New York, and Neely is relieved she won't have to face him after the way things ended two years prior. But little does she know a chance encounter on the beach a few months later will rip open scars she thought had healed forever.

Book 3, "Paparazzi."

Neely Evans is enjoying a lucrative career, but not the one she aspired to as a child. Neely is one of the top, most sought after celebrity photographers, freelancing her expertise to the highest bidding tabloids. In the world of paparazzi, she is known as the clever and elusive "Grace Evangelista." 

Her career takes her all over the world, and eventually she finds herself living on the fringe as her current assignment involves one of her favorite subjects: Seth Drake.

Book 4, "Star F*cking."

This is the poignant conclusion of the Evermore Series. Seth and Neely's paths have crossed over the years, but not the way they had hoped. The misunderstandings between them stem from issues beyond their control, but finally the truth will be revealed. 

No matter who the players are that come in and out of their lives, one thing cannot be denied: Seth and Neely are meant to be together. Their love is destined to endure. 

Adult Content

Release date: May 7, 2017

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 351

Content advisory: 18+

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Evermore Box Set: 4-Book Series
Rachelle Williams
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Andrea Smith




Behind the book

This boxset contains the 4 novellas which make up the Evermore Series, a new adult, coming of age romance serial.

The characters met as kids. They became best friends, but family drama kept them apart for a period of time. 

You will laugh, cry and feel as if Seth and Neely are part of your world.

I highly recommend the audio box set. It's one you'll want to listen to again and again. 

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