Guns Blazing: Enemies to Lovers M/M Romance

Guns Blazing: Enemies to Lovers M/M Romance

My name is Luke Gunner and I'm the best money launderer criminals can buy.
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This book is just as funny and entertaining as the others. I absolutely highly recommend this book if you love sarcasm and snark. Amazing job you guys.
Audio Book Obsessions
Andrea and Eva didn’t hold back as they amped up the heat, passion, and steam in this high octane adrenaline pumping M/M romance. Guns Blazing did not disappoint me at all as Andrea and Eva proved to their readers that they will set hearts and e-readers ablaze with a romance that weaves banter, humor, sex, passion, and mystery.
Four Chicks Flipping Pages Blog
"The fantastic witty banter between the characters. It's some of the best I've ever read, and makes this series one I will be re-reading many times."
Making It Happen Blog
Amazon Review
"The adventure you are about to experience is full of snarky banter and one-liners. You will be laughing one minute, and looking for a portable fan the next. "
Diana Urban
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USA Today Bestselling Author Andrea Smith brings you Book 2 in this award-winning M/M Romance Series!

My name is Lloyd Ledbetter and I am the best lawyer New York criminals can buy. My obsession to detail is their saving grace. I'm focused, determined and one-track minded. Nursing my broken heart for the last few months, I've stayed away from anything that could resemble a relationship.

Until Luke Gunner.

My name is Luke Gunner and I'm the best money launderer criminals can buy. With an IQ reaching the status of genius, I can practically make money without breaking a sweat. I'm fun, independent and a lover of life. Settling down was never a priority especially when I had so many options laid out in front of me.

Until Lloyd Ledbetter.

Adult Content. 18+
M/M Romance

Release date: October 11, 2018

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 160

Content advisory: 18+

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Guns Blazing: Enemies to Lovers M/M Romance
Joel Leslie
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June 8, 2016
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Behind the book

Because readers of "Black Balled" wanted Lloyed to have a HEA after Larson kicked him to the curb, we give you "Guns Blazing!"

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