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Summer books 2023 - New York Times

Here is the New York Times's recommendations of summer reads for 2023: thrillers, crime, horror, sci-fi, romance and more.
Independence Square Martin Cruz Smith
The Trackers Charles Frazier
Rogue Justice Stacey Abrams

Books to read if you loved 'The Amityville Horror'

Genres: Horror
A great list by Meet New Books
Hell House: A Novel Richard Matheson
The Exorcist William Peter Blatty
Burnt Offerings Robert Marasco

Shuddersome Horror and Supernatural Reads

Spine-tinglers, hackle-raisers, blood-curdlers and read-with-all-the-lights-on-and-your-back-to-the-wall chillers from Kindle Storyteller Award shortlisted author Andy Maslen.
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
Ghost Story Peter Straub
3 Koko
Peter Straub

Folk Horror Frighteners

Kindle Storyteller Award-shortlisted author, Andy Maslen, shares some of his favourite folk horror novels. Expect ancient rituals, unsettling rural locations and antlers. Lots of antlers.
The Only Good Indians Stephen Graham Jones
Cunning Folk Adam Nevill

2022 Reads

Some of my favourite reads and listens from this year!
The Marriage Pact Michelle Richmond
The Hollows Mark Edwards
The House Across the Lake Riley Sager

Spooky Reads for October

It's spooky season! Time for some supernatural, suspenseful, and scary stories.
The Book of Magic Alice Hoffman
Fairy Tale Stephen King
Mexican Gothic Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Books to add to your autumn reading list.

The days are crisper and Fall is in the air. Here is a great list of books to add to your reading list this fall.
The Silent Companions Laura Purcell
Blackbird House Alice Hoffman
The Hacienda Isabel Cañas

Top horror reads for summer 2022

Genres: Horror
The New York Times pulled together the best horror novels to send chills down your spine during summer 2022. Happy horrors!
The House Across the Lake Riley Sager
The Fervor Alma Katsu
The Children on the Hill Jennifer McMahon