Wannabe in Wyoming

Wannabe in Wyoming

A tattooed chick from Philadelphia knows nothing about being a rancher. But that's about about to change!
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Starting with a clean slate is not an easy task for anybody. Wannabe in Wyoming by J.B. Havens and Samantha A. Cole features Willow Crawford facing the opportunity to start a new life. Willow has inherited a cattle ranch in Antelope Rock, Wyoming from her father, Jason Hillcrest. She doesn't feel sad about her father's death as she has never met him, and she never spoke of him. Willow chooses to leave Philadelphia to get away from ex-husband Andrew Phelps and start over in a new place. When she arrives, she meets Jeremiah Urban, her
Stephanie Chapman
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Wannabe in Wyoming is book one of the Antelope Rock series by two great storytellers, Samantha A. Cole and J. B. Havens, a compelling contemporary romance with unforgettable characters. Willow Crawford is a divorced woman who never knew her father. When her father's lawyer contacts her to tell her of his death, she also learns that she is the only heir to his ranch in Wyoming. She is excited to start a new life, but she knows little about ranching. When she sends out the letter addressed to Any Soldier from Wannabe Rancher, she is
Jose Cornelio
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Willow Crawford finally knows the identity of her father after thirty years of him being missing from her life. Unfortunately, he died of cancer, and she was left a small cattle ranch in Wyoming as his sole heir. Due to getting divorced and losing her mother a few years ago, Willow feels lonely and decides to start afresh in Wyoming. Eventually, she makes some new friends--one of which is the soldier she writes to through Any Soldier: Nathan. Nathan, who doesn't have any relations left, finds himself looking forward to Willow's
Foluso Falaye
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What does a tattooed chick from Philadelphia know about being a rancher? Absolutely nothing. But that's about to change.

Willow Crawford never knew her father's identity until she hears from his lawyer, advising her of his death. As the sole heir to his ranch in Wyoming, she has the chance to start anew following her divorce.

After losing his family in a devastating accident, mail call no longer brings a smile to Staff Sergeant Nathan Casey's face, knowing his name won't be shouted. But when he receives a letter addressed to Any Soldier, signed by Wannabe Rancher, he finds himself captivated by the fascinating and beautiful woman who'd written it.

As her unexpected fondness for small-town life and a certain pen pal grows, Willow discovers more about herself, her family, and her legacy. Will the attraction she develops for Nathan, through his letters and phone calls, still exist and intensify when they finally meet? Or will she risk her heart, only to have history repeat itself and deny Willow her soul mate?

Release date: May 27, 2021

Publisher: Suspenseful Seduction Publishing

Print pages: 302

Content advisory: Swearing and open-door sex scenes.

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