Forty Days and One Knight: Trident Security Omega Team Book 2

Forty Days and One Knight: Trident Security Omega Team Book 2

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Princess Tahira had grown up not worrying about being pushed into an arranged marriage, but after her mother's near-death illness, King Rajeemh orders his only daughter to choose a husband within forty days or have one chosen for her. While the deadline looms, Tahira and her cousin are kidnapped during a trip to Jamaica.

Trident Security operative, Darius Knight, has been working undercover for several months, infiltrating a human-trafficking cartel. Just when he's almost in the position to take them down, a huge wrench is thrown into the mission. If he saves the woman whose body he's guarded in the past, his cover will be blown. But if he doesn't, he'll never be able to live with the results.

When the rescue doesn't go as planned, Darius makes a rash decision that will affect both their lives. To keep their secret means he'll probably lose his dream job. To reveal it will destroy the woman who is inching her way into his heart.

*If you prefer trigger warnings, please scroll down to the bottom. If you don't want to read the trigger warning, this is your chance to avoid it.

The following is the best reading order for the original Trident Security series and its intertwined spinoff series - Doms of The Covenant, Deimos, TS Omega Team, and Blackhawk Security:

TS Book 1 - Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen)
TS Book 2 - His Angel (Ian & Angie)
TS Book 3 - Waiting For Him (Boomer & Kat)
TS Book 3.5 - Not Negotiable: A Novella (Parker & Shelby)
TS Book 4 - Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick)
TS Book 5 - Watching From the Shadows (Marco & Harper)
TS Book 5.5 - Whiskey Tribute: A Novella (Curt & Dana)
TS Book 6 - Tickle His Fancy (Brody & Fancy)
No Way In Hell Book 1 & Book 2 (Co-authored with JB Havens)
TS Book 7 - Absolving His Sins (Carter & Jordyn)
DOTC Book 1 - Double Down & Dirty (Gray, Remi, & Abigail)
TS Book 7.5 - Option Number Three (Mitch, Tyler, & Tori)
TSOT Prequel - Mountain of Evil
TSOT Book 1 - A Dead Man's Pulse (Logan & Dakota)
TS Book 8 - Salvaging His Soul (Jase & Brie)
Deimos Book 1 - Handling Haven (Frisco & Haven)
DOTC Book 2 - Entertaining Distraction (Mike & Charlotte)
Deimos Book 2 - Cheating the Devil (Brad & Avery)
Blackhawk Security Book 1 - Tuff Enough
Trident Security Field Manual
TSOT Book 2 - Forty Days & One Knight
TS Book 9 - Torn in Half (Coming Soon)

*The books of the Trident Security series and its spin-off series can be read as standalones, however, for optimum enjoyment they are best read in order.

.***Trigger warning: Forty Days & One Knight contains a fade to black sexual assault. (less)

Release date: July 18, 2019

Publisher: Suspenseful Seduction Publishing

Print pages: 314

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