Undying Devotion

Undying Devotion

Book 2: Devotion Series
Our friends think they know us. Our friends only see one side.
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“Persephone layers in a host of twists and surprises that will have you staying up past your bedtime.”
Mel Walker
Romance Author
“They [Christy and Rick] have one of the strongest relationships I’ve ever read.”


Everyone believes we lead a normal life. In reality, they have no idea what we do behind closed doors.

The night she walks into my club, perches on a barstool sipping pink cocktails, Christy Nolan steals my every breath with her innocence. A siren singing a melody only my heart deciphers. With timid eyes and a curious nature, Christy is the first woman to bewitch my heart. The first woman I envision past one night. The first woman I long to keep.

Will Christy's demure disposition satiate my urges? Satisfy the beast inside me?

From the moment he offers his arm and escorts me around the club, his deep baritone whispering in my ears, Rick Mathewson owns my heart. With poise and confidence, he soothes my soul. Settles the ghosts of my past. Sparks me back to life. He introduces me to a new way of life. A new world. And with Rick by my side, I discover everything my life has been missing.

Or so I believe, until my best friend moves away and life tailspins.

A world of secrets.
An insatiable hunger.
An undying devotion claiming their souls.

Release date: April 28, 2020

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 268

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