They say time heals all wounds. But some wounds never fade.
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“Things you will need for this book.
1. Tissues
2. Wine. Only if you drink
3. An animal to cuddle
4. Message the author to tell her what a beautiful story this was.”
Danielle Lynn Reads
“This is a power story of love, loss, and finding your soul mate. This story will bring the tears multiple times and take you on a who journey. What an exceptionally well written story that pulls you in and gives you every emotion.”
“This is such a beautiful story, full of love and joy, hope, second chances, heartbreak and happiness, secrets and many surprises you will not see coming. This is a story that will grab onto you from the very beginning.”
“Seriously, everyone who has said you need tissues for this book is not lying! It’s a beautiful slow burn romance that will bring you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.”


They say time heals all wounds. But some wounds never fade.

Fletcher Lockwood hopes to rediscover his muse at a northern California retreat.

What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

After weeks of zero inspiration and no new music, Fletcher’s manager suggests a break. Time away from the studio and city noise. Two weeks at an exclusive retreat on the Pacific coast. With nothing to lose, Fletcher packs his bags, hops on a plane, and leaves life behind. 

On the first night, Fletcher spots her on the other side of the room. The quiet, demure beauty lost in her own thoughts. A brittle sadness in her facial expression and body language. And he can’t look away. Until he gets caught.

But that doesn’t stop his wandering eyes. Or his indescribable need to know this woman.

Once he summons the courage to talk to her, Fletcher and Madeline share two incredible weeks at the retreat. Form a connection to rival others. Without effort, their relationship blooms into the unexpected. Until Madeline leaves the retreat early without notice.

No note.

No goodbye.

No way to keep in touch.

On tour a year later, Fletcher looks up from his guitar to spot the woman always on his mind. Madeline. With one look, the inseparable bond they shared reignites. Within days, their connection eclipses all others.

But there is something Madeline has yet to share. Her heart belongs to another.

Will Fletcher be able to win Madeline’s heart?

Or will the ghost of her past keep her from moving on?

Release date: December 7, 2021

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 348

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Behind the book

The premise of Transcendental was inspired by a song I'd heard in 2018. I pictured a woman who'd lost the love of her life, but couldn't let go. She fights moving on until an unexpected man comes into her life. And their love story is beautiful and gentle and slow-building, but fierce.

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