Abstract Passion: Artist Duet #2

Abstract Passion: Artist Duet #2

One word makes him freeze. And with his silence, I walk away.
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★★★★★ “Gahhh these two were perfection! So deserving of all the love and hope in the universe! I have loved each and every couple in this series! I'm a bit bummed that it has come to an end. Truly bittersweet!! These characters are gonna stick with me for a very long time!”
My Bookish Rendezvous
★★★★★ “This is a touching story about falling in love, learning to trust and live again, and making a beautiful life with your soulmate.”
★★★★★ “This story was emotional but passionate, intense but loving. Shelly and Devlyn were made for each other and I truly enjoyed their journey.”
Reading in the Red Room


One word makes him freeze. And with his silence, I walk away.


Leave it to me, the unintentional abstinence queen, to get pregnant after my first time. Nothing hurts more than walking away from Devlyn after I share the news. The decision is impulsive and painful… and I regret it instantly.


Not long ago, I envied my friends. Envied their lives, their relationships, their opportunity to move forward. I wanted what they have. Now, it is my turn.


But loving Devlyn Templar isn’t that simple. Sharing a life with him comes with its own challenges—heavy baggage and severe insecurity. Every day, we navigate those obstacles together.


And just as we find our groove, another complication gets hurled in our direction. One that refuses to be ignored.

Release date: October 25, 2022

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 330

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