Shattered Sun

Shattered Sun

When your heart was split in two, how did you choose who to love more?
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When your heart was split in two, how did you choose who to love more?


As a young girl, I never imagined a day without Benjamin Wilks by my side. Ben had been more than my best friend. He’d been my person. The ordinary to my quirky. The smart to my foolish. The quiet to my loud. Regardless how opposite we were in personality, together we clicked.


Then tragedy struck and changed my life forever. And when Mom could no longer bear the memories our house held, she moved us to Stone Bay. For years, I rebelled. Spilled my hurt in the form of ugly words.


In time, I healed and learned to love the lavish small town and the people that called it home. In its borders, I met my soul sisters. I made a life for myself. And I had the attention of the hottest police officer in town.


Travis Emerson was more than an attractive man with a badge. Travis was part of the Stone Bay Seven—the town’s founding families—and that title came with responsibility. Though we flirted daily, our relationship never evolved beyond friendship.


Then Ben showed up in Stone Bay and swept me off my feet. Literally. In response, Travis growled his displeasure and all but claimed me in front of the town gossip mill.


One anonymous, disturbing note later, I learned Ben and Travis weren’t the only ones vying for my attention. Days after that, when the body of a woman was discovered in the woods, the whispers around town regarding my love triangle fizzled out. In its place… townsfolk claimed I resembled the lifeless woman.


Determined to protect me, Travis inserted himself more in my life. And my heart. But as I rekindled my relationship with Ben, I learned it was possible to love more than one person.


Before it’s too late, I needed to decide which of them I loved more. Because time wasn’t on my side.

Release date: October 17, 2023

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 364

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