Penny: A Bay Area Duet Series Novella

Penny: A Bay Area Duet Series Novella

All it takes is four words and my life is forever changed.
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All it takes is four words and my life is forever changed.


When Oscar calls a staff meeting, no one anticipates the news. The sale of the tattoo shop. Our second home, second family, will be broken. Sold to the highest bidder.


But the biggest shock is yet to come.


The bell over the door jingles and I smooth my hands over my shorts, chastising my attire. Black leather boots step into view. As my eyes drift north, I log each delicious muscle and tattoo.


Our eyes lock and I stop breathing. Jameson Kingsley.

My brother’s best friend.

The guy I crushed on most of my adolescence.

The guy I fantasized about occasionally in adulthood.

And now… my new boss.



Release date: January 17, 2023

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 118

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Behind the book

Penny is a secondary character in the Inked Duet (Fine Line and Love Buzz). The moment she came on the page, I loved her.

When I joined an anthology in 2022, it gifted me the opportunity to write a novella for Penny. And it's just as fun and flirty as I imagined it would be.

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