A Love So Bright, Insomniac Duet 2

A Love So Bright, Insomniac Duet 2

I want someone sensitive and caring. And someone who will yank my hair.
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“A stunning story of love and redemption but most importantly trust. Wonderful characters who have given us hours of enjoyment through their books and who have found their way into my heart. Highly recommend this series as each book gets better and grows with the characters.”
“A well written story with second chances, emotions, fun, passion, lust, turmoil, tension, redemption, humor, witty banter, and love with an in-depth storyline, which leads to an all-consuming page turner.”
“A story that will grip your emotions and make you yearn for hope and redemption.”
My Bookish Rendezvous


One word can hold tremendous power. One word can change everything.


I never imagined it would come to this. That I would fall for Micah Reed.

That I would open my heart once more. And get it crushed. Again.


The moment I let him in, the second our relationship evolved, fate threw an epic curve ball.

One we can’t ignore. One I don’t know I can endure.

But call me a glutton for punishment.


One word stole my breath. One word had my knees ready to buckle.


I refuse to believe anything without proof. Refuse to let someone ruin my life.

Call me a d-bag, I don’t care. Deep down, I know the truth.

Now, if only Peyton would believe it, too.


My relationship with Peyton is headed in the right direction. Her fire is no longer fueled by hate.

Now, I know the taste of her lips. The softness of her skin. The warmth of her touch.

And no one will steal her from me. No one.


I fell for Micah Reed.

I fell for Peyton Alexander.


Was it all for nothing?

Will she abandon me when I need her most?

Release date: May 3, 2022

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 282

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