Love Buzz, Inked Duet 2


“Sweet, slow burn romance that leaves you with the satisfaction that these two overcame their obstacles and found their happily ever after.”
“I absolutely adored Autumn and Jonas’ love story. They are the perfect couple, the kind you swoon over.”
“What a beautiful duet. Their chemistry is beautiful. Their love for one another bleeds through the story.”
Danielle Lynn Reads
“This book was filled with twists I didn't see coming, hope overflowing and love beyond measure.”
My Bookish Rendezvous



When I woke this morning, I didn’t expect this. For Autumn’s past to step in and rip away everything I love. Autumn asks for patience, but with each passing day, she slips farther from my grasp.


I refuse to lose Autumn or Clementine. Not to him. Not to anyone.

They are my girls. Always.


As the picture perfect life I envision with them slowly fades, the pain beneath my sternum grows more powerful.

Each passing day, my chest tightens at the loss of them.


I never imagined I would discover the love of my life, only to lose her.



When I woke this morning, I never saw this coming. My ex storming back into my life and threatening to steal everything I hold precious. Not just my daughter, but also my livelihood. And I refuse to let him do either.


Until this ends, I must let go of my newfound selfishness and focus solely on Clementine.

Until this ends, I must forget about love. Temporarily.


When I memorized Jonas’s heartbeat, I had no idea I would need to recall it in my lonely bed so soon.

I had no idea my heart would ache so profusely in his absence.


I have never known pain like this. And I have never been so torn.


…hopefully, our love will survive the storm.

Release date: November 9, 2021

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 336

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