Never thought I’d settle down.

Not until her walked into my life.


Trent Callahan. One of the most affluent people in the area with a self-built empire. The man with my heart in his hands.


The night he followed me home, I never expected more than a one-night stand. A year later, I still call him mine.

Well, mostly mine.


I want more than just someone to warm my sheets. For once, I want to be put first. But I fear that’s not possible. Because he loves his job more than anything.

Including me.


But I sense change in the air. Feel life shifting for us both. All I hope is it’s for the better. Because Trent is someone I don’t want to live without.

Release date: January 17, 2023

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 172

Reader says this book is...: happily ever after (1) heartwarming (1) realistic characters (1) satisfying ending (1) sex scenes (1)

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Behind the book

Reese is first introduced in the Insomniac Duet (Restless Night and A Love So Bright). He is Peyton's roommate, and is another secondary character that spoke up more than others.

When asked to participate in the Seeds of Love Anthology for Ukraine, Reese was the first character I thought of writing. And I'm so in love with his and Trent's novella.

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