The Queen's Huntsman

The Queen's Huntsman

Tanya Anne Crosby Founding author
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"Tanya Anne Crosby has created her own mythology, where history and legend collide. If The Cornish Princess was likened to a cozy, crackling fire, adolescent and naive of its foretold fate, then The Queen’s Huntsman is a blazing forge, heating, bending, altering – a cunning sword demanding its due.” — Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews

All hope for the future seems lost when Gwendolyn’s prince turns out to be anything but charming. Only now, having united the dragon banners, she realizes too late that Loc is not her one true love…

Upon learning his bride's hair is not gold, Loc reveals his true nature. Ambitious and cruel, he never wanted his ill-favored Cornish Bride. Now, with the help of his greedy mistress, Estrildis, he's turned his gambits toward removing both high kings from their thrones to rule in their stead. If his dull little bride provides nothing more, she'll deliver him Pretania's crown...

But prophecies are mercurial by nature, and the Fae have their own schemes…

To make matters worse, the half-blood Fae Gwendolyn fears holds her heart has abandoned her to her fate. To find her true destiny, Cornwall's new queen must face new trials at the Loegrian court, and the wiles of an ambitious mistress, in order to seek her true self, find her true love and save Pretania.

Part 2 of an exciting, new series by Tanya Anne Crosby.

Release date: July 26, 2022

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

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