The Holly & The Ivy

The Holly & The Ivy

Tanya Anne Crosby Founding author
Join the MacKinnon clan for a magical reunion, bringing together old friends and new for a Yuletide.
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Join the MacKinnon clan for a magical reunion, bringing together old friends and new for a Yuletide never to be forgotten. 

Malcom MacKinnon has been gone from Chreagach Mhor for more than ten years. He’s never met the youngest MacKinnon, but while he’s looking forward to their first meeting, Alexander Ailbeart MacKinnon isn’t quite as enthusiastic to meet the brother who, in his eyes, abandoned their clan. Having received word Malcom and his new wife are on the way, he’s on his heels now, making sure their home is safeguarded from forces that threaten his family’s joy. Will the brothers finally come together after so long? 

This short story can be read as a stand-alone but will make more sense if read after reading THE KING’S FAVORITE in the Daughters of Avalon series.

Tanya Anne Crosby pens a tale that touches your soul and lives forever in your heart. - Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NYT Bestselling Author. 

"Tanya Anne Crosby returns to writing historical fiction as only she can: superbly and beautifully...." - Suzan Tisdale, bestselling author of Rowan's Lady 

"Tanya Anne Crosby builds worlds that immediately draw you in, with multi-dimensional characters and rich, detailed storylines. Her stories are absolutely riveting." -Kathryn Le Veque, USA Today Bestselling Author & Amazon All-Star Author 

"Tanya Anne Crosby is a master of her genre." -Internationally Bestselling Author, Laurin Wittig  

Books in this Series

  1. Book 1: The King's Favorite
  2. Book 2: The Holly & the Ivy
  3. Book 3: A Winter's Rose
  4. Book 4: Fire Song
  5. Book 5: Rhiannon

Release date: January 1, 2019

Publisher: Oliver-Heber Books

Print pages: 53

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