In this installment, Jessika Klide delivers heart-pounding suspense-filled shocker as Siri and Aurei come full circle back to Vegas.

Each sees Sin City differently, and both are correct.
Siri sees her home filled with lust and love.
While Aurei sees the dark side with lurking dangers and devils.

When the overprotective Aurei reluctantly allows Siri to drive alone to reunite with Cat at Lioness Towers, he knows she is a high-value target and too trusting for her own good. But he also knows he can't smother her. She needs to be independent to thrive.

But then Siri vanishes without a trace, and his worse nightmare comes true. He must locate and save his Wild Thang before she is taken from him forever.

Could this be The End of their Us?

Release date: March 8, 2017

Print pages: 219

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