Wrong Bride Right Wife

Wrong Bride Right Wife

She didn’t know she was lost when he found her…and never dreamed a man like him would marry her.
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An Arranged Marriage Romance Novel.


To hijack his arranged marriage, she must break all the rules.


Standing six-foot-five-inch tall and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle, Greek Tycoon Drakos "Dragon" Aliko dominates everything in his life. No one challenges him...ever—until her.

From the moment she stumbled when he stepped into the bookstore to her fiery admonition of the way he handled her precious books, he knew that though he couldn’t marry her, he would own Lacy Carter…body and soul. 

* * * 

When sinfully handsome Drake Aliko walked into Brooklyn Books straight out of the pages of the romance novels she reads, Lacy Carter fell hopelessly in love, expecting a fairy tale wedding with a happily ever after marriage.  

But she soon learns that Drake is betrothed to marry another woman, and her only option to be with him is to sign a paramour contract to be at his beck and call as his exclusive lover. 

Torn between what she expects and what she must accept, she struggles with the reality that the super-rich live by different rules. 

Can she share him with another woman?
Can she live with jealousy? 


—She can’t!
—She won’t!
—He will not marry the wrong wife!


Wrong Bride, Right Wife includes explicit content and profanity. Recommended for mature readers only.

Release date: April 14, 2024

Publisher: Jessika Klide LLC

Print pages: 350

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