Unbridled Passion: Intimate Italy Collection

Unbridled Passion: Intimate Italy Collection

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From that first spark when our eyes met, I recognized Aurelius Moore as my one.  He is the man of my dreams.  He stole my breath, and I need him to breathe. 


But the man I thought he was is not the man he is. We are on opposing sides of society. While I risk losing everything I value, his risk is a hundredfold more. He is the heir to an Italian dynasty and loving me is forbidden. 


When threatened by a dark, desperate shadow from his past, he turns possessive. But before we battle his family for the right to be together, we must first fight our own demons for our forever.


His thunder draws me in like a magnet, past his hardcore, and I discover his bastard is a reflection of my own tortured soul. 


Will our newly committed love survive the secret? 

Will the power of unbridled passion rip us apart? 

Release date: December 10, 2020

Print pages: 830

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