"Rapunzel, will you marry me?"
Her free hand flies to her heart, covering it protectively.
Tiara blurts out, "Have you lost your freaking mind?" 
The bitter sound of her voice echoes in the silence unnoticed.


All Rapunzel’s life, she has had to work for what she has. Now, she’s the manager of a high fashion boutique with her best friend Cathy, and they are on the cusp of breaking free from Tiara’s control, Cathy’s wicked stepmother, with their bridal gown entry into the Children’s Charity Auction. But when their model becomes too ill to walk the catwalk, Zella must take her place. But Zella’s mature body is no longer a thin stick figure. Her ample curves require the mannequin copy back at the boutique. She rushes back and retrieves it, but on her way back to the auction, she becomes trapped in the elevator alone. 


When d’Artagnan hears the panicked cry of a woman trapped in the elevator, the Navy Seal, who is home on a secret mission to find a wife in order to break the spell his wicked stepmother holds over his inheritance, springs into action to free her, and discovers Zella is the perfect pawn to play his fraudulent fiancée. 


But nothing about their interactions feels fake. Everything between them feels very real. 


Can they find love in their lie? 


"Mistaken identity, fake situations.... so much going on!!!" ~Goodreads review


"What a beautiful sexy adventure." Review by Read All About It Blog 


"I'm speechless...... Until I finished this story, I didn't know a modern-day retelling of a fairy tale could bring me to tears, make me truly smile with absolute joy, and ohhhh boy, steam up the pages and have me turning on the fan. Truly remarkable talent from Jessika." ~Goodreads review

Release date: September 23, 2021

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